Now YOU can have a TITLE!

If you want a title, check out Mira's, then post here and I'll add it for you. Keep it clean, my little pork chops. =)

Sunbur 19 years ago
Oh Mae, honey, sweety, sugar... could I get Boobie Bashing Goddess as my title pretty pretty please? Thanks!

I'll post my emote screenshot later for an explaination :P
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Jardan 19 years ago
Me want a title ... cant think of one atm .. gimme some suggestions
Lorelei 19 years ago
I would like a title, but not sure on one hehe. Could you pick one out for me hun?
Guest 19 years ago
I am le suck at titles, so if you don't like that one, Lorelei, let me know.
Cidwin 19 years ago
Mae or Ry can i plz plz get the Title of Sonic. if you need any clarification as to why.. ask Pros.. hell tell ya. Thx
Guest 19 years ago
Cidwin 19 years ago
Thx Ry, you rock!
boozie923 19 years ago
could u plz change mine? its totally annoying, change it to 'frankie doesnt know' and dont ask. :P
Guest 19 years ago
Banbin 19 years ago
#1 Bastard
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Done, pookie.
Lolanae 18 years ago
May I please have the title of "Silly Lady"?
Gilae 18 years ago