Next vote due: Wed, July 20th @ Midnight EST (oops teehee)

ROzbeans 17 years ago

Why? Notice the 2 SK kills. Both involved 2 very big similarities. Both were dropped, both were lifted.

Nasty Object Snot Translocator Relief Interdementional Lift, would return to him on it's own, when he was ready.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Mai 17 years ago
I am afraid I still see more pointing to Matilda Sorry sorry Gilae.

All right all right... lots of twisting of the arm. y Leak it is. The robot can live to see another day.
Gilae 17 years ago

I vote for Leak as well. How else does one drop a vault full of kittens from thin air other than from a NOSTRIL?
Morcalivan 17 years ago
Nah, gonna stick with Matilda as the guilty party on this one.

Edit: I still think we're going off the road on this one, but I will concede to the masses and put my vote in for Leak. Sorry, booger.
Verileah 17 years ago
*nods* I gotta go with Matilda as well, I think she's mafia and I'm not as certain about the SK possibility.
Merreck 17 years ago
m2 17 years ago
I'm going with LEAK for the SK!
Pulvani 17 years ago
Leak. That lift/elevator thing is too difficult for me to ignore atm. I hope we didn't just lynch a townie though
Dia 17 years ago
Jinheim 17 years ago
Voting is closed, scene to come shortly.
Jinheim 17 years ago
Leak McDrip walked nervously down a luxurious hallway of the Hiltondorf Continental, only dimly aware of the cleaning crew that was following closely behind him. The crew had been assigned to deal with the trail of goo and nastiness that Leak left everywhere he went, and Leak had quickly learned to tune them out. Everywhere he went, he was greeted with disgust and xenophobia. There were many strange and unsightly beings in the galaxy, but apparantly people found walking, talking boogers to be more distasteful than most. This time it was different, though. Instead of coming up against disgust and akward looks (which he could understand), he was faced with completely baseless and random hostility and suspicion. He was afraid that he was going to suffer some horrible and undeserved death, much like the guppy's death the night before.

Leak was so distracted, that he did not notice as the cleaning crew behind him were pushed aside one by one and replaced by the other guests of the hotel. Eventually Leak noticed the quiet and turn around to see what was going on. He beheld almost a dozen people lined up behind him, holding between them some huge white cloth thing. Leak emitted a gurgling scream as they rushed forward and threw the gigantic hankerchief over him. He tried to get out from under it, but the more he struggled, the more it stuck to him and wrapped him up tight. Before long, he was completely entrapped and helpless. He felt himself being lifted up and carried away by the squad of murderers, and then felt himself be pushed into some kind of chute, and then drop for a long, long time before eventually hitting the incinerator.
Jinheim 17 years ago
Send me your SKIDs.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Roz looked at her hands and stuck her tongue out. Looking over at another guest she asked, ' any Purell? Blech.'
Pulvani 17 years ago
Hilde reached into her purse and dutifully handed over Purell, Kleenex, and wet towlettes to Roz.

"Need anything else? I have three kinds of cough drops, plus toothpicks, chewing gum, and unused chapstick. And sample Tea Dots (tm), have you been to our store here in the Hiltendorf?"