Hitchhikers Guide: FINALE - A lucky turn of events

Deep in the volcanic center of the hotel, three beings stood on the precipice of doom. Cindy Sinclair, her face twisted in rage, her sweaty palms gripping a steel mousetrap; Ammannakai Qixa Kannivoss, standing, or as near to standing as she could manage without legs, with resolve and solidarity in her eyes; and cowering before them both, Zipper the rat. The two women had tracked this murderer to the very bowels of creation, and then even deeper, into the very basement of the Hiltondorf Continental, and now the time of reckoning was at hand.

As Zipper edged away from the pair, he became aware that he was slowly running out of solid ground, for behind him the scorched earth gave way, and fell hundreds of feet into the flowing molten void below. The women pressed on, forcing the killer backwards to his doom, and just as it seemed as though Zipper might take that fatal last step, Cindy raised the mousetrap high above her head, twisted her body around... and snapped it shut on Ammannakai’s jugular!

Blood and disbelief burst from the wound, as the Falneberan grabbed at her neck. It was too late, however, as the mousetrap was too well made. It couldn't have been pried from the wound with the grip of a thousand oiled body builders, let alone her own two hands. As she fell, she looked at her betrayer, tears streaming down her face, and screamed, “But... you were the chosen one!”

Fire and brimstone burst upwards from the nearby pits, and Cindy just laughed. It was an evil, menacing laugh, which was mirrored by the tiny Zipper, who couldn’t quite manage the menacing part, as he was only a rat, but did the best he could. The two stood, side by side, content that they would now go off and enjoy the rest of their vacations, when Cindy began to cough uncontrollably. She fell to her knees, grabbing at her throat, which had begun to swell and close up. You See, what neither of them had counted on, was that after millennia of waiting, careful planning, and forced evolution, the native inhabitants of the hotel, or rather the dimension the hotel was built in, had finally overcome the natural resistances the invaders had built up, and were in the process of launching a massive campaign to reclaim the mother land. Beings all over the hotel were suddenly dropping dead of the flu, and as Cindy gasped and clawed at her throat, she too fell victim to the sudden, and unexpected assault.

Zipper, or rather by his true name, Vroomtig the Inordinately Fortunate, was at the moment, a rat, and while the rest of the life forms in the hotel were quite susceptible to the hyper-intelligent pandemic, Vroomtig, in his current form, acted merely as a carrier. Against odds that would rival those of the great improbability drive, he was the only creature in the hotel who was immune to the disease. Destined to be alone, and surrounded by corpses, Vroomtig brushed off his paws and sighed deeply. Could be worse, he thought, looking at the pair of nearby corpses and imagining the thousands more that filled the hotel. Perhaps someone had left out a nice hunk of cheddar and some crackers before they died. With that in mind, he headed back into the Hiltondorf Continental for a quick bite to eat before moving on to the next star system that was unlucky enough to have him.


*note* Zipper the Sk wins! and Cindy the townie gets an honorable mention.... ima make jinheim reveal the rest of the roles cuz im tired.

Morcalivan 17 years ago
*dies laughing* What a nasty little rat I am. Sowwy ^.^ On the upside, at least I didn't *unprintable* the stuffing out of Cindy as I did the matress. One thing to be thankful for, yes?


*dashes off to infect and kill*

<- is currently scaring the coworkers with the uncontrollable cackling.

I'm gonna die very early on in the next couple of games, aren't I?
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Mmmm.... oiled bodybuilders.....
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Thanks to Jinheim and Berry for running a great, well written game. =)
Merreck 17 years ago
Yes, thank you both! I had a lot of fun during my first game, and I can't wait for the next one.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
/big hugs, was tons of fun.