Men are smarter than Women,,30000-13420154,00.html

Guest 18 years ago
pffft That totally depends on the testing and type of intelligence. Same thing with the racial thing. If a test is culturally biased toward upper-middle class white men, of course they're going to do better.
Jinheim 18 years ago
I agree, I just get a kick out of this. Here's some interesting reading:
Prosecution 18 years ago
There is no question that men and womens brains form differently. I know this because

90% of people with autism are men.

So if we get the smarts we win and being anti-social.

(PS this is not saying men are smarter then women, just that males and females differ in developement across the boards, for example women have breasts....)
Verileah 18 years ago
Where did you get that 90 percent figure?

In addition, incidence that Autism Society of America gives is that autism is three times more likely to affect male than females. This gender difference is not unique to autism since many development disabilities have a great male to female ratio.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Prosecution 18 years ago

Ok, so I exagerated by 10%, but since you ask......

But here is where I get my info:
"And although the overall incidence of autism is consistent around the globe, it is four times more prevalent in boys than in girls."

But since our sources conflicted I decided to go with a bit higher of an authority:

"From 1 to 6 in 1,000 Americans suffer from ASDs,1,2 with some recent studies citing dramatic apparent increases in prevalence in certain locales. Boys with the disorders outnumber girls three or four to one. Within the first few years of life, children with ASDs fail to develop normal social interaction and communication and show restricted, repetitive, or stereotyped behaviors and interests."

So if you go by those sources its 4/5 are guys. 80%. Sorry was off by a small margin.
ssoulz 18 years ago
Men are smarter and dumber. Gotta love that paradox.
Dark_Wolf 18 years ago
I think what we can conclude is that we're different....In my book, that's a good thing
Draegloth 18 years ago
the smartest men are smarter than the smartest women, but women are smarter on average..
ya rly.
Mirabela 18 years ago
Girls are smarter --

My reasoning: We are always smarter but we know when to let men believe they are smarter so that we can get what we want.

Unfortunatly, for me anu is too smart for that =(