More AO fun

please, thanks!

Temprah 18 years ago
very crisp and clean =) but man poor thing.. saggy bewbies =/ ahem.. I don;t know the game's graphics but the spikes off of her fingers?? or hand or sword.. at the very bottom.. it confuses me and i keep drawing back to figure out wtf..
Merreck 18 years ago
they're her fingers...the graphics in AO are just how you see then there. All I did was shine up her armor. I was just bored and goofing around when I made this.
Larry 18 years ago
That one must be an Adventurer, which was my second favorite class after the Martial Artist. Great sig.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Sucks that her right arm is cut off, but i agree, it's crisp and clean. Maybe want to toss up your choice of font and text affect. Also that layout definitely works, but maybe tossing it up, changing the profile of the screenshot, moving things around to keep it fresh and just plain experimenting would be cool too =) I always tried to do something different with my sigs. Trying different, unique angles and sometimes forgoing the pimped up text and concentrating on the toon itself. I love your style though, Merreck!
Merreck 18 years ago
I know, I know...I'm sorta in a char placement rut atm. Maybe I'll practice later on my EQ char...they're more fun in ps. Not too much to the AO chars.