anti-rape condom hahahaha

Guest 18 years ago
Saraquael 18 years ago
That's a pretty cool invention.

But DAMN bet that hurts like a bitch.
Temprah 18 years ago
Well... not to be crude but umm, won't that just cause them to go for 'back door' rape instead to be safe? Cause if a man's enough of a bastard to do that I'd bet they'll find ways to get what they want.
Adiene 18 years ago
like .. wow o_O thats kinda spiffy
Mai 18 years ago
Yeah, it would never be allowed here because it would be cruel and unusual... you know, have to think of the rights of all those rapists out there. O_o I swear sometimes we've become too "civilized" for our good.
Dark_Wolf 18 years ago
*Looks at the odd invention. Looks down.*
Morcalivan 18 years ago

My country is getting weirder by the day. Don't see this working, the woman who tries it will probably get convicted of some sort of assault and the rapist will be seen as the victim. We are all about the rights of da criminal as well.
Just Erin 18 years ago
I don't see something like this catching on in the US. And if it did, something like what Morcalivan said will happen and it will eventually be illegal.
Draegloth 18 years ago
Guns are far more useful in far more situations, AND they can stop a rapist permanently.
Xandare 18 years ago
they should issue these in prisions..