BTW Ryala

Here is one of your gifts hun. With work pretty much putting me full time due to lack of people, I haven't had much time to get doen what I wanted. You have more gifts coming this weekend! I'm off on Saturday. Sorry for the delay on this one. I hope you like it. This is a text based signature for Morrigan. I left it in my working size, as I wasn't sure what size you might want it in. Let me know and I can resize if you'd like.

Brushes by Truely Sarah. Also made use of Gilly's text tutorial.

Guest 18 years ago
weeeee~ danke! No worries on the time. I'm in the same boat with the work sitch, so I completely understand.

I am partial to smaller sigs, but I don't have a hard cap on dimensions. Something in the neighborhood of the size of my current sig would be grand.

Lolanae 18 years ago
WIll do. I'll resize tomorrow. Wanted to get an idea of your size likings. =) Thank ya.

and ohhh I got fuggled /feel special!