Hey I'm Carly. I'm a senior, photography major at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. It would be cool to show some of my work but I'm not sure which section it would go in, because I don't draw and it's nothing like the work you guys/ladies do. I do like to lurk this site though cause it's always nice to see what other artists are doing. Plus, I love Mae.

p.s. and don't hate me cause you hate my boyfriend bruuce troubleduck(the original), it's not my fault if he was ever mean to any of you.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
HAHA hi Carly. We dont care about Bruuce 1.0, he's always been polite to me, at least lol. Your photography would go under 2D and you're more than welcomed to post your work there. We offer C/C but honestly I've personally never done that. I'd still love to see your photographs. I didnt know you were in your senior year! Grats!!! Post away!
Guest 18 years ago
Welcome ^_^
Mai 18 years ago
Gilae 18 years ago
No hate on these boards Carly Can't wait to see your stuffs!
Sarah 18 years ago
Rikr 18 years ago
Looking forward to the pics....Bruuce is funny IMO.
Carly 18 years ago
I got some stuff up in the Freehand section from a few days ago. Check it.