Cup of Mafia: Round One OOC Discussion

Drink, chat, choose...

Rasberry 18 years ago
*sip* I choose you Pikachu!
Rasberry 18 years ago


First attempt was made to kill Lou with a coffee pot to the head. Not the most lethal of weapons, and judging from the fact that it didn't even seem to break the skin, possibly not wielded by the strongest of people. He did slip before, which could have been set up. Only a couple people said they were carrying something he could slip in (i.e. liquid), so that might be a clue (of course, there is coffee EVERYWHERE, and he could have slipped in that... but thats way too obvious, I think the slipping might be a clue)

Second attempt was successful. Poison. Who might have access to poison in a coffee shop? Not likely to be lying around, or if it is... its likely to be in the form of some cleaner of sorts. There is a chemist/med school grad among us, course he's also one of the few people who was said to be carrying liquid... The killer shakes his head... mildly. Another clue?


Very interesting...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Per the norm, I'm not seeing any real good clues. I dont want to point out anything yet because I'm usually wrong when I do and we end up killing all the townies =x I shall wait.
Calimaryn 18 years ago
I dunno, he slipped, which in all excitement and given the location, its not out of the realm of reality. Then he grabbed onto shelving which is in the back. He quickly looked around, saw no one. Then got clanked on the head. Isnt it possible he jostled something off the shelf and innocently knocked himself out all on his own?

Other than that, I dunno if there is enough by way of clues. Lots of people are going to have liquids in their hands or spilling it due to excitement. Shaking head mildly doesnt seem like much of a clue. I mean, a mobster that was cool enough to talk to Brad earlier should be cool enough to humor and console their victim. Also I dont think a serial killer would react any differently than a mobster.

Of course this being my first Mafia, I have no clue (pun intended!) what Im doing.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Wow good observation on something accidentally falling on him. Now I must think!
Rasberry 18 years ago
Actually, a creative observation might be a better description of it. This game is about murder tho, and there hasta be two attempts (mafia and serial killer).... if you can point out the other one besides the poison then maybe, but I dont see it. So I'm gonna hafta assume the coffee pot was swung by someone.
Integral_Prime 18 years ago
Are any of us British? I don't know if its just a regional thing but they don't use it around here and I equate the word "cuppa" with Britain.
Integral_Prime 18 years ago
Oh he also could have been knocked out with a warhammer and the coffee pot just happened to be dented.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Omg, Thor as Mafia.

I'm not saying 'yea' or 'nay' but the very idea of it makes me giggle.

I also thought immediately about the people in the group with access to knowledge of poisons, as well as drugs.

We have three people here who either know about chemicals/drugs, or have some kind of drug in their posession. Prudence is the first, having arthritis medication and blood pressure meds, neither of which can kill that quickly as far as I know. Cali has a bottle of Vicodin and a syringe. There was nothing there that mentioned an injection, but it certainly could have happened while he was senseless. Not sure if anything at all would happen from drinking it; however, Cali's description does not mention specifically that the Vicodin is meant for use with the syringe. Maybe they're pills? And of course Lionel, who you'd have to be a complete idiot not to notice his entire character is kind of a fishy guy who loves drugs and alcohol and has a lot of knowledge about chemical reactions.

Maybe they're all mafia?

Prudence sticks out at me, however, since I associate the word 'cuppa' with someone older. I don't hear anyone use the term nowadays, really, but I seem to remember it being a part of the vernacular from older gangster-type movies.

I also agree with Ras... the whack on the head was one murder attempt, and the poison was the other. This being the first hit, it's a combo mafia/sk hit, which means there have to be two attempts.

In this case, the whack over the head was the mafia hit, and the poisoner is the SK (I think). If the mafia were working in concert as usual, someone could have set something out for him to slip on while someone else whacked him on the head, and maybe even a third dropped the coffee cup or the pitcher to make it look accidental.

/scratches head.

Then again I might be over-analyzing just a bit. :/
Merreck 18 years ago
We also have 2 musicians with guitars in hard cases. A wack to the head with one of those wouldn't feel too nice either.

I do agree...Lionel is looking mighty suspicious.
Merreck 18 years ago
an after thought...

About the slipping...he slipped on the floor...perhaps some clean freak cleaned the floor until it was slippery, making it look like an accident.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I think I'm reaching, but I voted.
Eve 18 years ago
As far as I can see, anyone could smack someone in the back of the head with a coffee pot. And like Rasberry said, it didn't even break the skin, wasn't a finishing blow, so could have been anyone weak or strong. So the only real info to play with would be the poisoned coffee. Going to go ponder those possible suspects and cast my vote