Mafia Round 4 /ooc discussion


Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Well, although I have a lot to go on at this point, the first person I'd love to see get voted off the island would have to be Carol tonight.

She swears, she has a violent streak, and she carries a collapsible asp with her. For those who didn't do the research or already know what it is, it's a collapsible police baton. Just perfect for smacking folks over the head with.

I still have the lumps to prove it. /rubs the back of her head.
Merreck 17 years ago
ooOoo...I missed that in her bio.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
'You think -I- have a violent streak, you should seriously see my boss.' Carol snorted. 'But no, I'm not mafia. Personally, I'm not one for anime cartoons or purple hair, darlin.' She looked Yumei up and down. 'I dont dig the cute hair and I personally think you are far from cute. Hello...?' Carol pointed at her honey dew blonde hair and cute little sandaled feet.

'Dont hate, sweetie.' She batted her eyelashes. 'You could've have been easily hit over the head with Tom's hard guitar case. Plus he's a man, I'm sure he'd think your little asian look was,' up came the air quotes, 'so cute'.' She shook her head, 'Sorry sweetie, you're barking up the wrong pokemon.' Carol sat down and sniffed in disgust.
Jinheim 17 years ago
I talk to Mae a lot and I can usually tell when she is up to something. During the SW game I suspected her right away, and after a few days I was sure of it. This game, I didn't suspect her at first, but over the last two days I have started to change my mind. She is acting a little wierd. Also, the clues just fit her too well, and I don't see clues point towards anyone else at all.