Mafia Round 5 /ooc discussion


Jinheim 18 years ago
I think that this mafia hit was carried out by Raul.


All, that is, save one, who picked up the battle worn hammer at Thor’s side with interest.

When I read this, the "with interest" gave me the impression that the person who picked it up initially did it more out of curiousity than with intent to use it as the murder weapon. This, to me, seems like it would fit the character of a homeless person quite well. "Hmmm, what's this? Is it worth anything? What, it turned into a walking stick? *stab in the face* "

“Well that’s because you’re pathetic. But don’t worry, we’ll still come out on top.”

This is the biggest clue of the scene, I think. Who's more pathetic than a homeless guy that hangs out in a coffee shop trying to steal half-dranken cups? No one.

Also, in the day 3 attempted mafia hit, there are repeated references to bad and unpleasant smells. According to Raul's bio, he "Smells like the dumpster out back". I don't know about you guys, but I can smell a homeless guy from across the street. If one was trying to sneak up behind me, I bet I could smell him before he got to me and Yumei could too, unless of course "she wrapped the smelly work shirt tightly around herself".

Again, in day 4, the smell could have been lessened by air fresheners and ventilators in the bathroom. Also, this happened in the men's bathroom, so it is more likely that the killer was a man who could enter the bathroom without notice. There aren't many guys left alive, which narrows it down.

I'm sure there is more, will post it as I find it.
Nastirith 18 years ago
*nods in agreement* I see where you're coming from...nice...
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
*pats Dudley on the head*

Awww, big bad bwinger of pestiwence fall down go boom!

*goes back to being cute*