Mafia Round 7 Lynch

“I’m –trying- to send out a frickin hostage! Not our fault no one wants to go considering you frickin killed the last one we sent out!”

Several violent and obviously completely fake coughs sounded from the table in the corner of the coffee shop around which the last of the hostages sat, but Brad paid them no attention as he continued.

“Fine! Frickin fine! We’re sending one out now.”

He hung up the phone and looked to the hostages.

“You guys figure out who’s going? And wait just a damn minute…shouldn’t there be five of you?”

The four hostages seated around the table looked at each other, no shame evident on their faces.

“We just didn’t see why she should get to go free. This is all –her- doing.” The others nodded in agreement with this assessment, though how one could blame a young lady who worked at the freakin’ pet shop for this massacre was beyond the four terrorists.

Mural sighed wearily. They were –so- screwed now. Not that they weren’t before, but still, this just straight up sucked. “Alright. Where is she?”

One of the remaining party pointed to the back, and the four young people turned protesters turned terrorists headed in that direction with resigned expressions.

They had done it the old fashioned way, clearly; Kelly Parker’s corpse was still swinging from the ceiling, feet hanging a good meter off the floor. A closer look revealed that the others had strung her up by her own apron.

Justin turned back to the hostages, who had followed them in. “Okay, look. We –have- to send someone out. Who’s it going to be?”

One of the shoppers turned victims turned killers shook her head. “Oh no. We’re not going anywhere until you four get yours.”

Further argument was interrupted by the sound of glass shattering in the distance.

The police, it seemed, were coming in whether they liked it or not.

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Nastirith 17 years ago
/ooc OMG! I made it through one!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
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Of course! Can't be killing TOM WAITS!