Roles Revealed!

The Mafia:
Clean Willie

The Godfather:
Kelly Parker

The Serial Killer:

The Sheriff:

The Doctor:

Nice job townies, and gratz!

ROzbeans 18 years ago

The mafia board for game 7. Enjoy =)
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
I honestly didn't expect it all to work that well. I am pretty surprised my "I'm skidding someone else" crap actually worked, and I didn't really lie to you all any more than I had to.

I didn't give away anything I didn't intend to, and I wanted you all to know when your numbers were up... which is why I told the folks I did that we "townies" were voting on certain folks.

I wasn't sure Eve would go for the "you'd better vote for Willie if you're a townie" cause at that point I knew we were getting down to the last few mafia...

In fact, the only people I had very much contact with during this game were ALL mafia. The only non-mafia member I constantly communicated with was Raul/Etric. And I did think there was an outside chance Lionel had been the sheriff, which would leave him clear to BS me, but the clues supported his ID's so I went with him on each call, after I had appropriate supporting evidence in the hits.

That's why it took us one or two days to start nailing ya. This was hard though. The mods were awfully skimpy on the clues. If there hadn't been one or two slipups I wouldn't have known if anything I'd said was working.

It was a really good game though. You Mafia did a pretty sweet job... made some really good arguments about the other folks!
Mai 18 years ago
I would like to point out that you did win with a decent number of townies left alive. Clues are not supposed to be easy, nor are they supposed to be certain. If you aren't wondering whether something was a clue or you're going down the wrong trail then its too easy.

Haunted Mansion was excellent. We took some things that weren't clues and lynched people *ahem 8 year innocent child* that were townies, but it looked like some of the things pointed to them.

Part of the game is what is posted, part is what you figure out and part is the IM's that go along with it. If it is too easy then its not fun. There were clues that people found, there were clues that people didn't find. Were there a bunch of them?

Probably not, certainly not as many as the townies would like. Still all the mafia are dead so I'm sure the mafia would say there were too many.
Integral_Prime 18 years ago
I can't believe you guys lynched me on the first day of my first game when I was innocent!

Guess i shouldn't make my char seem so suspicious next time hehe.
Merreck 18 years ago
It happens, last game we lynched the doc first round (go us)!

I'm curious where Tor got the idea that I sent out pm's about him first round...I didn't speak to anyone privately, except 2 pm's to BR the last couple rounds lol.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Anyone notice the green eyed 'striking beauty' that looked at Ellie at the ending? That was Carol's boss, Ellis. That thing she did with her tongue? She was touching her fang. BUAHAHAHAHA.
Tor 18 years ago
Ellis is spooky. I've not met her yet at SA, but probably will soon (panic).

The Mafia (tm) got tipped off early on...something that you posted as an afterthought, so I figured I was going to be the first one offed and upped my antics. Much to my surprise, I got reprieve after reprieve.

Of course, then poor Willie had to go and forget about evaporative solvents and commit suicide, but these things do happen.

I had a lot of fun, folks. Thanks!
Eve 18 years ago
Good job guys I had a ball, tho there were a few nights I almost forgot to send in my SKID lol. When BR sent me an IM I knew I was screwed, too. There's just no polite way to say uhm, fekk off I don't wanna talk to you! without sounding like mafia lol. Ahh well... next time I just stay afk
Etric 18 years ago
I was 3/4 on my first mafia IDs. I only talked to Yumei the whole time, because I knew she was not mafia.