Hands off me booty!!! - Next Art Exchange

irate "Hands off me booty!" irate

TAC.COM presents our next Art Exchange -

Hands off me booty Pirate theme!

With the passing of 'Talk like a Pirate day' we decided to base our next exchange on them! The TAC twist is that this is also a combination

Trick or Treat Exchange


Here be the details! ARRGH!


Dress your character up as a Pirate that is:

...trapped on a haunted pirate ship.
...trapped on a haunted pirate island.
...as a pirate (of course).
...in the Caribbean.
...trapped by pirates.


Make a little something something as a treat to hand out. A blinkie, button or something small that celebrates Halloween and/or pirates. No bigger than 60x60 PLEASE.

Those who have signed up for the exchange and have their costumed avatar or signature can then PM the other people participating and ask for a treat. Collect them all!

On Halloween we'll showcase all the little treats everyone has submitted into our

Great TAC Pumpkin


Any and ALL art mediums are welcomed. Any and ALL TAC members are encouraged to participate. Maelarya will be modding exchange so send any questions her way. As always, EARLY TURN INS will be accepted for those who will be out with their kiddo's or dressed up scaring the neighbor kids =D

irate Sign Ups Start: Friday, Sept 23rd irate

irate Sign Ups Close: Friday, Sept 30th irate
Halloween - OCTOBER 31st - 3




Guest 18 years ago
I want to play~
Sunbur 18 years ago
Argh! Shiver me timbers and gimme da loot!

Count me in!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
/claps! I'll post the official sign up when my boss isn't looking tomorrow =D
Dark_Wolf 18 years ago
Ohh, and I just made a pirate char.....what a coincidence! *goes off to scheme on how to take over thw world...with pirate art*
Guest 18 years ago
Gilae 18 years ago

LOL dork.
Guest 18 years ago
hehehe ^_^