lion king for teh win

heh... it was a very lion king weekend at work. here's two of the resulting pics. i've also got a few x-men chick pics in the works for the next day or two (or three, or four - hey, im a slacker)

c/c is welcome, but im aware of most of the minor issues with them, being an avid (ie: i have the entire script memorized from watching it so many times) fan. no reference was used on either of these, in case anyone wonders. and, yes, they are lazy backgrounds of doom.


Gilae 17 years ago
I love your grass and sky in the second one...even if it is a lazy background OF DOOOOOOM!
Guest 17 years ago
Dang, Scar is impressive. You're startin to scare me, Kassy~
KassyNaVerdis 17 years ago
mwahahahahaha! *scares ryala*
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Yeah seriously, that color job on Scar is insane bad ass. /claps!