OOC - Character thread

nevermind. I'm out.

Vulash 17 years ago
It won't be you - I plan to kill someone I know
ROzbeans 17 years ago
It won't be you - I plan to kill someone I know

/gives Vulash a dirty look
Rasberry 17 years ago
Kill Mae, she likes dying first!
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
/chuckle... Mae got the first lynch last time, she wins the gold star! I outlasted her by what... 12 hours? As the first mafia hit.

Boo, hiss.
Verileah 17 years ago
The first one to die will be the mod character; we always make a throw away type for the first round of killing.
Vudu 17 years ago
i know that the mod character dies first we talking about after the mod character dies tring to think of who it might be
Mai 17 years ago
You'd better hush or it might be you

Good job on your av btw that's cute.
Vudu 17 years ago
thanks for the compliments mai can't wait to see what i end up becoming though
Briare 17 years ago
*changed her av wohoo thanks for hte help fixin it
Just Erin 17 years ago
There are 31 players if my count is right.

4 Hufflepuff
7 Gryffindor
8 Slytherin
12 Ravenclaw
Guest 17 years ago
rawr Ravenclaw~
Temprah 17 years ago
Yup 31... talk about a bitch making up a spreadsheet for so many LOL