Hogwarts Mafia Round 5 /ooc


pooka 18 years ago
I think the M.O. each night is describing a different mafiosi. Night 1 we had a transfiguration. Night 2 we had a beating. Night 3 we had a potion. Night 4 we had the two wand nose stabbing. Now we have flames. Sounds much as though the victim were cooked.

"Now let's clean you up" in scene 2 (she carries wet ones in her satchel)
Mentions of flowers: The flower pin in scene 3 and pushing up daisies in scene 4
Potions: Particular expertise with potions and ingredients in scene 3
She is a marvelous cook, and there is that odd ending to scene 4 with the hungry giant. Now we have death by flames.
Along these lines, she is not into "abstract" magic, and the fourth scene talked about them not using magic. But these are a bit weaker.
pooka 18 years ago
On a separate note, I think the mafia offed Briare as a feint, that she was mafia. Here is her bio:
Personality: Ria is a hard person to get to know. She was born in a rich family but secluded so much she has very little interpersonal skills. This causes people to think her rude and mean at times. Their reactions to her personality have caused her to put up a larger barrier to stop this from hurting her.

Height: 5'2
House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Favorite Subject: Transfiguration

Ria was born in Glasgow Scotland and soon after moved to the remote countryside of England. Her parents were conceded and paranoid because they were well known Dark Wizards and didn’t want to get captured by Aurors. Her family was looked upon as stuck up snobs and just because of her name she was put in the same category and soon became the stereo type as she grew older. The few children she came in contact with scorned her and her sisters. Her sisters however became weak bending to their mother’s will. Instead of sitting back and letting the abuse happen she stuck up for her family only deepening the other kid’s opinions of them, but Ria didn’t care. Her mother tried forcing her to be like the others but she fought it. To escape the dismal life she began to read not just any books, books her parents bared her from reading.

Ria decided to defy her parents and teach herself at the age of 9. After many months of sneaking she studied books she had stolen from their library. Using the little spells she had managed to learn Ria unlocked her bedroom door one evening and ran away to London and her Aunt Livia.

Her aunt accepted her with open arms and Ria moved in with her. Her Aunt Livia was a true typical high society pure blood and seen Ria’s potential. Her Aunt recommended she go to school and that is how she ended up in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Being a pureblood and ambitious the hat sorted her in to Slytherin. She met Gannon the one and only person she could ever call friend. She found most of the students in Slytherin were very much like her and they accepted her, a feeling she was not used to. She enjoyed taunting Hufflepuff’s and belittling Gryffindor’s with them, much more then her home life prison.

Now here she is in 7th year and excelling in Transfiguration and becoming a Wizarding social butterfly.

Contents of your school satchel or backpack: Who needs a backpack? If you mean a shoulder bag… then she would have brush, her wand, Slytherin scarf and what ever type of perfume she shoved in there that morning

Aloof, transfiguration mentioned twice, blonde, a specific history of picking locks, and the word "excellent" in the beginning and her telling the mafia what to do are what made me suspect.
Den 18 years ago
This is really fun. I just love reading how you all make the clues fit whoever it is you have your eye on atm.
Just Erin 18 years ago
Anyone notice that 3 out of 4 mafia hits have been slytherin? They're running out of snakes to kill.

I caught the word 'brewing' right off the bat, which could be cooking or potions or both (*coughpoppy*). Then there is the burning death this time and Poppy has MATCHES in her backpack. She also has pain numbing drafts in her bag and there was mention to numb fingers in the lynch.

Then I caught 'beautific' and damn my vocabulary skills because I had to look that one up. Beatific - Showing or producing exalted joy or blessedness. Poppy is "a happy person, and smiles a lot"

'A tangle of arms and legs' could fit Poppy, as well. From her profile "She's quite gangly - and only recently began maturing into a woman's body, so she is still thin and all legs. "

A couple of mentions of wands again. I know, I know, everyone has a wand, but these were especially embellished. Blake Macgregor again and his wand fixation.

The reference to being well-dressed could be several people. From those not dead yet:
**Ardy/Elvais has well pressed dressshirt and pants.
**Dexter doesn't make direct mention of clothing in his bio, but being the 'ladies man' that he is and his 'goals' for his school career, one would think he was probably a snazzy dresser.
**I'm dismayed to say that Emeraude also wears expensive clothes, but delighted to say that she doesn't take much pride in making sure they stay looking nice. She's a slob.
**Zorgoz/Jerele wears expensive dark-blue robes and I only JUST caught the referencce that his MOTHER WAS A GIANT!

OMG JERELE. Listen to this lot ... he's well-dressed, his mother was a giant, and there are references to both eating AND sleeping in his bio. Oh Jerele, shame on you, you Mafia bastage.

And Poppy too.
Ashmore 18 years ago
I feel pooka is mafia just trying to divert attention away from her.

She is one of the few that has the strength do the muscle work
The pulling of rorii and friend at the lynch job and pushing her into the grave

Height: 5'11, and she's not afraid for anyone to know she's 98 kilos because it's all bone and muscle. She's hoping to flesh out to 100.

able to sneak around...

The humans on the farm didn't know she was there, though there were sometimes chores mysteriously done and a few less eggs than could be expected, and now and then a feeling of being watched.

and of course the generic wand quote but something else is noticeable here.
She keeps her wand and other tools in a "bat belt" around her waist.

What other tools would she needing or using against us.

Of course it is pure speculation but I have a feeling she is a mafia misleader... someone out there to leave wrong clues so that we townies bump each other off.
pooka 18 years ago
Big, sneaky, has a wand. An excellent analysis Sounds like the logic on which we lynched the last 4 townies.
Just Erin 18 years ago
No shit. Weak, Ashmore. Go back to smokin' crack.

Edit: Gotta go to work. Back later this evening.
Pulvani 18 years ago
Stuff that caught my eye:

“It looked like trouble was brewing.”
Brewing? Implies cooking or a cauldron to me (sorry Tor!)

“In the distance they could hear the sounds of the forest; the snapping of twigs and the wind moving through the trees.”
Sounds kind of musical to me (Thaddeus), but I know that’s reaching quite a bit.

“regarding the group with a calmly beatific expression.”
At first I thought of the Gryffindor beater (Elise), but Em’s analysis is spot on; beatific means showing or producing exalted joy or blessedness, not beating someone over the head.

“and her eyes wide with contrived curiosity.”
It wasn’t the word “contrived” that caught my eye here, but rather the word “wide.” It’s not much, but sometimes the clues are very subtle. There are a couple of people who mention something being wide in their bios, but this is hardly enough to go on. Shelved for now.

“Oh, put a sock in it!”
This stuck out to me too. Em mentions her socks in her bio. Not sure if this means anything or not. It could just be a figure of speech, or it could be a hint.

However…I think the evidence is mounting against poor Poppy. I suspected her from the first hit, but my notes are at home so I can’t post them. The one thing I remember is that Poppy has two corked mixing beakers in her bag, and the first hit involved a cork as a portkey. At the time, I didn’t think it was enough to go with on its own. Now, I don’t know.

Also, nice catch on Jerele, Em. I totally missed that, but you may be on to something.
Vulash 18 years ago
I noticed the Giant connection yesterday and tried to get Elvaiz to make a case against him, but decided to wait for today's clues. We'll see what I come up with - well I will ;p
Just Erin 18 years ago
HAHAha, nice tagline in your sig Pulvani.

I wanna see proof of your trademark on that, please.
Pulvani 18 years ago
Wellllll....okay I really can't lay claim to the actual trademark. And I don't want anyone suing me for copyright infringement (but I dare ya, I work with a bunch of lawyers). So feel free to use it yourselves
Vulash 18 years ago
I know I said I'd post less, but.....

Tonight's voting is extremely interesting. Almost everyone is voting for Poppy, but there aren't many votes yet.

Now - Typically if it is an overwhelming majority that means we've lynched a townie. The only exception is if the Mafia are willing to give up one of their own as a sacrifice. That's a pretty rare exception, and would require the mafia being very well coordinated, and very decisive. Normally there is a healthy mix of new people and vets in the mafia mix. New people typically aren't as decisive so that makes this rare.

The thing that makes this vote interesting is the lack of votes tonight comparitively. It's a Friday night so that should be taken into consideration, but even the ooc thread is eerily quiet. So my thought is perhaps we've actually got a mafia, and they don't know/haven't decided what to do yet - maybe their board is alight with responses.

The scary part is though, no one has offered a counter vote, or put someone else in the light to take heat off Poppy. This line of thinking makes me thinkg maybe we have the wrong person.

I'm leaning towards the second opinion, but we need to keep an eye on the voting tallies, and how many are voting.

Also perhaps this post will force a few people out into the open.
Vulash 18 years ago
Also I think Ashmore has basically hung himself in this thread.
Ashmore 18 years ago
Also I think Ashmore has basically hung himself in this thread.

how do you figure?
b/c I made some "crack induced" comments?

or b/c I love a bandwagon and voted for poppy?

people made a good case against poppy...

or do you like just saying crap to bring out people and post?
Vulash 18 years ago
I'm just scaring you becasuse of all the wand clues
Ashmore 18 years ago
I'm just scaring you becasuse of all the wand clues

ahhh yes.. that clue was brought up day one...
Vulash 18 years ago
and is now recurring
Ashmore 18 years ago
and is now recurring

dont you have a wand???

I am too lazy to look at your bio
Vulash 18 years ago
Ashmore 18 years ago

WOW.. impressive