F.E.A.R - pc

When Mike and I started dating, I used to sit and watch him play his games for hours. That was, of course, until he started playing eq. I remember watching him running around in Halas and thinking, 'this is fucking dumb'. ANYWAY...

So I got him FEAR for xmas and I was sitting next to him watching it. With the lights on. =x He's on a roof top taking care of the ACT guys. He's getting pelleted left and right and his health is going down. Suddenly, he takes out his hand guns and starts dual shooting. He runs up to their faces and buries these little itty bitty bullets into their faces and refuses to use his health.


I was very excited.

So when he finishes (and lives), I say to him, 'Why did you use your hand guns?'

My husband shrugged and said, 'Because it's more fun that way.'

Blink. 'You are a twisted man, babe.'

I really enjoy watching him play, . He's so fucking ruthless it's hilarious.

Oh, I tried it the other day too. The first time I came around a corner at the harbor and got confronted by like 2-3 guys, my finger never left the trigger. I gotta say, that game really does pull you in because I could've sworn I felt the gun vibrating. I was shooting so much that all the smoke blocked my vision, so I started shooting in like this 180 turn LOL.

Sergon 18 years ago
Hmm maybe ill download this one and "demo" it. I have not gamed for a long time. Narnia lost me after 20 minutes. ZZZZZZZZZZ

ROzbeans 18 years ago
FEAR is pretty fun. I wouldn't play it in the dark, that's for sure. When I did play it, Veb came up behind me and scared the snot outta me.

'Wow were you really scared?'

Mutters and swings!
Jinheim 18 years ago
I used to be awesome at FPS games, but I guess I lost my touch after all my years of playing EQ and WoW. This game is too damn hard for me.
Sergon 18 years ago
I loved Unreal. I could really whip ass in the death match online.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Hell I couldn't even figure out how to get out of the Harbor.

'What, you gave up?'

'Shut up.' Goes back to posering.
Gilae 18 years ago
I get motion sickness from gun games...and I don't know why since I don't get sick from EQ or WoW.
Guest 18 years ago
Fiance played a demo. Seems a lot like Doom 3 to me.
Cobert 18 years ago
This game kicked ass on all levels. I beat it.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Mike's at the part where he fell down and had to meet the team back up top, next mission says to kill the guy but it says that for every mission practically.
Rasberry 18 years ago
I get freaked out easily lol... I played this game for a total of 10 mins, and got scared and stopped haha

though it WAS dark... and stuff...