Hrm, it so red now! =p

Hey guys, again. I kinda lost the bookmarks I had hoarded and forgot to get them all back during the holidays/other drama.

Love all the new art/logo/board style ^_^

Guest 18 years ago
WTFx?!?!?! Where did you come from?

Starry 18 years ago
Zomg its been a year since my last Fuggle!


I was acutally just meandering around the internet, lost and alone! And remembered about this lovely, red little place.

(Acutally, I was checkin all my emails and noticed all the RP stuff and realized I hadnt been here in forever =) )
ROzbeans 18 years ago
God bless mass emails!!! Hi again Starry =)
Temprah 18 years ago
*waves* Hiya Star!
Adiene 18 years ago
omb! its Starry! *grabs a leg
Its been like forever woman.. come by and visit more mmmk!! hehe
Sarah 18 years ago
*waves* Hi Starry!
Mai 18 years ago
Welcome back