Art Trade? ^^

Anyone interested in an art trade? Ill do freehand ^_^ Youll .. do ... something pretty! Yeah!

(Just sigs/avatars and game charactesr/original characters all <3d!)

You can see my more recent stuff here at

Havent finished my new website yet ~

Temprah 18 years ago
if you're in the mood for a classic 'flavor'... I've got my new EQ1 beastlord I need a sig for. I don't work super fast tho, my art time's pretty limited but I could really use a reason to try to get out of this funk I've been in lately.
Starry 18 years ago
Sure, sounds fun!

I have some of everything, WoW Hunter, WoW druid, EQ bard, FFXI bard... uh .... and other original characters.

WoW druid
Everything else up!

I have several other new original things Ive been playing with, so lemme know what your fancy is. And dont worry about speed, it might take me a few weeks to get outta my own funk too ~
Adiene 18 years ago
I'd draw ya something and paint it but atm with SC and commissions comming in I dont think I can get it out to you very promptly =/ If you wanna do one later still hit me up =D I love trades hehe
Guest 18 years ago
I want to play happy trade time too~

What's SC?
Starry 18 years ago
Sure Ryala ^_^ <3!

And Id love to do a trade with ya Adiene, when you got the time.
Adiene 18 years ago
Seekret crusssssh !~
Otay Starry
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Post yer info in the new 2006 thread here in the box. =D
Starry 18 years ago
Sorry about the delay on my part guys, weve got Flu and Birthdays and art blues over here.
Temprah 18 years ago
NP.. the flu smacked us around too so I empathize! I've been messing with yours along with my SC so I keep going back and forth and neither gets finished, but I will be soon (I hope!)
Starry 18 years ago
Oh yeah, SC too >_<'

Its funny how all the Challenges, dont start to click till the last week. It doesnt matter how long I actually have, its always that last four days.

Even if I start it and work on it from day one! ^_^
Temprah 18 years ago
*nodnodnod* I swear I thrive on the pressure to hit that deadline... my best ideas always come to me like with 72 hours or less to go!