WIP: Gold Dragon!

This is something from over at NS, blanket group project. Its my first dragon evar so I find myself doin stupid things like drawing every scales for hours and then redoing it because I dont like it.

anyways, should be done tomorrow. Im not nuts about the anatomy but Im not changing it anymore! No! Im not!

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Oh i like its face! Reminds me of that time julie did those scales on her blue dragon =D I like it so far, the chinese dragon body is cool. I like the gold and green. I wanna see when it's done!
Starry 18 years ago
Shes acutally not a Chinese :blush!

Those green mounds behind her head are acutally wings (thatll make sense later Ihope). This was just the rough color test - only her head is near done.

And I wanna try to finish this tomorrow so I can move on with stuff. Tryin out a new (ok about 10 new) brushes here too, kinda hard to get a hold of but Im liking the feel of the brush.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Oh well my experience with dragons is a little limited Just how it's wrapped around makes me think of those dancing dragons.
Guest 18 years ago
Starry 18 years ago
Ok done! =)

Mean to be seen at more or less this size:

But bigger (still smaller than working image~)

Im proud of my first dragon ^_^
Temprah 18 years ago
very good!!! I love the sly smile he seems to have. And it's a fitting successor to mine =D
ROzbeans 18 years ago
very cool starry - c/c wise I think the scales could use more shadow and detailing, but the head turned out really crisp and sharp. The curve of the dragon and the glitter of the gold is well done, as well.

The texturing is different, but I like it. Gives it a more painterly look, like it's a mural done on a stone wall. Overall, looking at the bigger picture, it needs more defined detailing, but scaled down, I think this will look great as the blanket stamp/sig y'all have going on there. Nice job!
Starry 18 years ago
Yes I have plans to go ahead and do a full scale (harhar) dragon so I can texture it fully.

Just seemed a little silly to do when it was going to be shrunk up so small.