2D Free Time Project - Shiny Jewels

Tutorial by Stephanie Lostimolo - www.nethersphere.com

TAC.COM presents the first in a series of tutorials for our 2D photoshop artists. Below you will find the Shiny Jewel tutorial from Stephanie Lostimolo from her website www.nethersphere.com .

We're wanting to encourage our artists to try something new and give an insight on how they would use this tutorial, so we're putting up the challenge to all artists to incorporate this tutorial into a piece of their artwork. This is a free time challenge so you can apply it to ANYTHING. Screenshot manipulations or freehand. I know there are some even in the 3D world that could use this tutorial in their postwork.

Challenge: Use Stephanie Lostimolo's tutorial - Shiny Jewels - in their artwork.
Due: Feb 1st
Restrictions: There are none, really. We just ask that you credit your sources; ie. Photoshop, Poser, etc and any images to their original owner/creator if it is not your work.
Theme: Anything - fantasy, sci fi, MMO's, photo manipulation, etc.

Any questions, feel free to contact me, Vex or Eve. =D Enjoy!

I'm using Adobe Photoshop 5.5 for this tutorial, although I've done this jewel effect with Photoshop versions 3.0 through 6.1, so don't worry if you have a different version of the software.
The basic concepts I'm coverering here can be used with any medium, not just Photoshop. I use these same basic ideas with paint and markers.

Keep in mind that the light source for this jewel is the TOP LEFT. This may be different for your jewels, however, depending on the light source in your picture (see below).

First, start out with a flatcolor (fig. a.)
This is the general color you want your jewel to be. Not too bright, not too dark.

Second, use the Color Picker to pick a slighty darker shade of your original flat color. Airbrush this onto the top half of the jewel. (fig. b)
The darker half of the jewel will always be CLOSEST to the light source. I know it seems it should be the opposite, but doing it that way would make the jewel seem like a piece of plastic, instead of a glassy, translucent object. Remember, the light is going THROUGH the top of the jewel, and hitting the BOTTOM INSIDE. Look at any cabochon (polished, round) jewel or bead to figure this one out. Also see the image below. The fuzzy white circles indicate a light source for each jewel.

Third, use the Color Picker to pick a color slighty lighter than your original flat color. Airbrush this onto the bottom part of the jewel. (fig. c)

Notice how the dark color curves around the top and sides, while the lighter color is just a round splotch in the lower center. This is to give the illusion of roundness to the jewel.

Fourth, use the Burn Tool to darken the innermost part of the dark area. (fig. d)
Fifth, use the Dodge Tool to lighten the innermost part of the light area, and add a small lightened area at the top of the jewel on the dark area, like a fuzzy spot. This is where your highlight will be, indicating where the light source is, and where the light is entering the jewel. (fig. e)
Lastly, use the Dodge Tool with a smaller brush size to lighten the very center of the small fuzzy light spot you made in step 5, until it is bright white. (fig. f)
Note: You can experiment with this basic set of "rules" to come up with different results, depending on how bright or dim your light source is.

This tutorial is COPYRIGHT ©2001 Stephanie Lostimolo

Mai 17 years ago
This was drawn years and years ago. O_O But I had done it because I wanted to use that tutorial. I think it was supposed to be part of a layout design but I can't remember. It was for something EQ related.

Drawn in my missing sketchbook *cries again*
Scanned into photoshop
Coloured in photoshop.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
/claps! Nice job on that, Mai. Thanks for sharing!
Vex 17 years ago
ROzbeans 17 years ago
/rubs herself all over the brownie girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice use of the tutorial, V.
Guest 17 years ago
Is that Akasha?
Vex 17 years ago
it was inspired by her. the pose is certainly hers, but i went a little different on the skin and the morphs.
Guest 17 years ago
Eve 17 years ago
Figured I better post what I used the tut on before I forget, since the piece is still a WIP. I went a lil gem wild lol

With the exception of the tiara, all parts I put the gems already had them, I just redid them completely. For the big gem I learned a lil something new to add to the tut as well. Once you're done with the gem, if you want to get rid of the flat look, you can add a lil oomph. Off the top of my sleepy brain I think I: Added a lil noise, then used the pixelize filter, with facet. Make sure you have your gem selected or lock the layer so it doesn't spill out at all. I also added a simple setting for the big one. Pretty sure I did add noise to all of them, as well as added a drop shadow with layer styles to give them a lil more depth. If anyone is interested, I'll do up a mini addendum tut for adding the facets and settings