I just got my first moving violation in YEARS!!!!
57 in a 40 MPH zone.

Den 14 years ago
Hi Den,

The sorting options Roz was referring to are under the thread listing under the heading "Thread Display Options." If things are still wonky, that might be worth checking out.

I had a bunch of old threads marked as new after the "go to last post" functionality was fixed, so that might also be where the weirdness came from.

Gongaa (a.k.a. Gongaa)

Thanks, but still don't see anything with that language.

Under Settings/Forum Settings I do see Thread Display Mode... Nothing that says Thread Display Options.

I'm undoubtedly not in the correct section, but have looked through everything I can find and don't see it
However, I'm not having the problem now either...
Den 14 years ago
I went through and fixed it on my end. You should be seeing stuff chronologically from the most recent post in all the forums.

Yep, looks like it always has...except for that one 'burp'.