Stunned... and revolted

this is... wrong? scary? sick?

Adiene 18 years ago
Wow dude is fucking mental , if someone showed me that shit and wanted me to sign it .. lets just say its hard to laugh, yell with a pen stuck in your throat...
zaura 18 years ago
OMFG, what a fucking pig!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Jinheim showed me that. I believe my first reply after reading it was, 'bullet to the head, ashtray to the mouth...and no court on US soil would convict me.'

Something like that. =x
Den 18 years ago
The part that gets me is that she was already married to the fucktard.
Jinheim 18 years ago
BDSM people are crazy
Sarah 18 years ago
Not only that, Shay, she had two children by him. I'd have thrown it in the fire, kicked him in the balls and left. Then his ass would be paying alimony and child support for the next fifty years.
Jinheim 18 years ago
What I find most amazing is that she probably loved every second of it.
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
if she had to be kidnapped.... i somehow doubt it
ROzbeans 18 years ago
They have labels for guys like that in prison.

My bitch

I wish a large black man on him.
Nards 18 years ago
There needs to be an addendum to that contract to include demon dropping.
Mizen 18 years ago
There needs to be an addendum to that contract to include demon dropping.

Calimaryn 18 years ago
Ok, so I had this page open while I went to check on dinner and LB clicked the link prior to me. He was laughing his ass off by the time I got back upstairs. As a joke, its hillarious, as reality, we just hope there is enough bleach to wipe that stain out of the gene pool.