Waiting in queue

is this one of the symptoms of wating in the queue. If so I am glad I have yet to do so.


Mirabela 18 years ago
wow just wow that so can't be real
Rikr 18 years ago
I started a new hoby to keep me ocupied. I started cutting off a toe for each 100 positions in que tonight. I have no more toes.
Sergon 18 years ago
Thats funny.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
What the hell game was he playing, little russian geek?
Aramous 18 years ago
he's playing Unreal tournament... below the video is a translation of what he says

PART 1>>>>go..load faster..damn i want to play..go..start that damn game..START..THE..GAME you son of a wh@re..i dont't say it again..start..out of the way..whats that, oh my god what happened, i want "Unreal TM" i want to play *scream*<<<< TO BE CONTINUED....

PART 2>>>yeah quickstart...now it begins...*jetzt- geht's-los-singing*...play...motherf@@@er...PLAY...UNREAL TOURNAMENT...it's loading i dont want it to load. If it's loading than i have to wait to long. I dont want to wait i want to play ??unknown??? *scream*...think positive just think positive it will start shortly...yes...it begins *laughbraindead* it begins *morebraindeadlaughing*

PART 3 >>> i lost *screamfollowedbymonkeysounds* but i'm pressing "fire" allready whoooaaa...whoooaaa...the escape-button is missing...the escape button...where is it where is the escape button *laughinsane* where is it...so...i dont need help and support (I GUESS HE OPENED THE "HELP"-Menue)...i don't need help hahaha...ahh the "H"-key as "Enter"-Key...so now i'm gonna finish you off...it's not working...

LAST PART>>i will finish you off i will just finish you off...ahhh eat this you son of a wh@re i will finish you off yeahh whoohooo i killed him yeahh i will kill all ya yaehhh *freakout* eat this you son of a wh@re... i will finish you all off...i'll finish you off i'll just finish you off...i'll just pick you off with the assault- rifle...ohh which son of a wh@re is shooting at me...who is shooting at me....nnnoooooo...???damn???garble....(DONT KNOW WHAT HE SCREAMS)....nooo nooooo....<<<

[/B] "
ROzbeans 18 years ago
It sounded like he was going to start crying. I was really looking forward to that part.