Elvaiz 66 Bard in Triadica.
(I know I have the most uncreative name ever picked but I'm not going to pay to change it.)

I like to vent alot, and those that know can attest to my rants (Although not Pharren calibar, they do have merit where due).
I ussauly have a short a temper, and I've actualy broken my keyboard because me and my group failed ldon (I win irl). Most times however, you don't see that as not alot pisses me off that much, and if it does, I just log.
I consider myself a good bard, but I'm sure as hell not the best, that belongs to folks like Anulien (Who is no mere mortal).

I can take long absences from eq for a variety of reasons (Mainly school or a new game).

Solrorage died, so now I have a hole in my forum posting/ viewing. Hope this fills the gap!

Droggen 19 years ago
Mizen 19 years ago
Welcome, but this ain't no hate board per Mae's request.
Verileah 19 years ago
Good to see you, and I do hope you stick around.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Elvaiz! [http://www.theangrycrayon.com/images/ole.gif[/img]

Mizen is right, its not a rage board but you're welcome to vent. =) All I ask is that no one flame each other and if they do, wtf...someone save it for me for when i'm back online fulltime so i can read it! Thanks for coming over, sweets =)