me and my pooters (catherine)

Taken in washington state while visiting my parents. We were looking at the display instead of the camera lens lol.

ROzbeans 17 years ago

I did not tell Catherine to do the devil horns.
Den 17 years ago
ROz's got dimples!! You guys are so cute!!
carpex 17 years ago
The title of this thread is misleading. I was sad and am outraged at the false advertisement.

The kid is cute for sure!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
ROFL I didn't even think of that LOL.
Gilae 17 years ago
She looks so much older than the last picture you posted. Who told these kids they are allowed to grow up so fast? (How old do I sound?)
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Girl I know, she's about to turn 7 =( Her hair is sooooo long. I'll be taking more today while she runs around out front in her little bikini. =) NO PERV JOKES NARDS!
Calimaryn 17 years ago
You two look soooo much alike. Angel and I are the same way, hehe. I should have someone snap our pic's while shes here and when I'm feeling better.
Masoyama 17 years ago
Its a sin to train Tang Soo Do ... get her in Jiujitsu ASAP
Dia 17 years ago
she looks like a very cheerful little girl!

too cute!
Draegloth 17 years ago
Its a sin to train Tang Soo Do ... get her in Jiujitsu ASAP

yeah, jiu jistu is good unless your attacker has friends.