Verileah 17 years ago
*laughs* how adorable!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That's hilarious! Where's his brownie t-shirt?!
Gilae 17 years ago
Mirabela 17 years ago
Que cute!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Oh he's has some BLUE eyes. So lucky! I was hoping Catherine would get Mike's hazel eyes. God durn he's beautiful, ruthie!
Gilae 17 years ago
Thanks! Here's one for our friend Jinheim.

Dia 17 years ago
ROFL how cute! His expressions are adorable!
Gilae 17 years ago
Thanks! I like him a lot but I'm somewhat biased
Viriu 17 years ago
Is that a onesie?? Where'd ya get it?
Temprah 17 years ago
too cute!!! I think that newb one is the best tho..
Lillaanya 17 years ago
Hee hee! That is too funny! What a sweetie
Vex 17 years ago

he's got a mini the-rock expression already. how fucking cute.

but i still dont want one. they squirt shit and scream too much for me.
Gilae 17 years ago
He doesn't scream too much...but he does squirt shit. I can't lie about that.
The NEWB one is a onesie...I also have one that says "MY MOMMY CAN FRAG YOUR DADDY" but he hasn't worn that one yet. They're sized kind of big but that's ok because I knew he'd grow into it eventually

This is the site I got them at:
I bought some tshirts for Anulien there too for his birthday. Good times.
Sarah 17 years ago
He is such a cutie, Gil!

That frag shirt is funny. I was behind a minivan today that had a bumpersticker that said "My kid fragged your honor student."
Viriu 17 years ago
Thanks Gilae Getting ready to welcome a Newb myself, and wanted to add unique stuff to his outfits
Vex 17 years ago

crazy folk all getting preggers. you're all EFFIN NUTS I SAY
Viriu 17 years ago
Haha yes Vex....although Morphiious calls him a little Prince Charles /rolls eyes....yup definately something in the cousin is due 4 days after me and 2 coworkers are having little ones soon too!
Vex 17 years ago
not to mention every girl in hollywood is having/alread had a baby :P

just keep that water farrrr away from me.
Kindal 17 years ago
Cute Gilae! Congratulations!