This poor WoW player...

Dont know where this is from, it was posted on another forum I visit as being found by the thread starter on another forum, so I have no link to it, but here's the story...

poor guy who got owned
It all started when I introduced my girlfriend to WoW. I got her in my high end raiding guild thinking she would hit level 40 and then quit. She actually became quite involved, and I helped her with quests and such. She made a priest, which matched with my 60 mage in Tier2+AQ gear quite well.

Anyway, fast forward to her hitting level 60. After some convincing I get her into regular BWL raids in $!@%ty blue and green gear. She is auto'd a lot of gear because all of our priests have pretty much everything they want out of BWL, and she is very happy about this.

It was kinda nice, coming home after work, and sitting in the same room with her, being able to share my hobby. I thought it strengthened our relationship significantly. We talked a lot more, spent more time together, and generally got along better. I should have known that when WoW became the topic of conversations 90% of the time that it might be getting too unhealthy.

After she was geared up a bit, she got used to being on ventrillo and chatting with the guild members. Now, I'm not the passive aggressive type so I made sure all of those little nerds knew that she was my woman, and that we lived together. She had a few puppy dogs follow her around, but nothing too serious. However, I began to notice that her and my guild master had been talking quite a bit in tells. Every time I came in the room she would switch to her combat log so I couldn't see what she was talking about in tells. I thought nothing of it, I used to have a nervous tick like that when I lived with my parents.

Well, one day I came home and she was in the bathroom. I looked on her screen and saw some very... sexual and detailed conversation with my guild master. My heart starts pounding.

I storm to the bathroom door while she's taking a $!@% and start pounding on it, I screamed "ARE YOU !&$%ING MY GUILD MASTER" "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY !&$%ING DOING THIS TO ME?" Silence. She knew what happened. She knew she should have logged off when she went to take a $!@%. I guess it was fate's way of clueing me in on what the !&$% was going on.

She came out after about 20 minutes and told me that she had fallen in love with my guild master, let's call him "Tom".

Tom lives about 4 hours from us and we had never met, but she later confessed that one of the weekends she spent with her "parents" was actually at Tom's house. She said they had sex, a lot.

I started crying uncontrollably. What was I going to do? We are in a lease contract for another 7 months, how the !&$% can I handle this? I went right to bed and locked the door, she slept on the couch that night. Days went by and we didn't talk much, and she slept on the couch. I stopped playing WoW all together.

I thought I could live out the lease until I heard that she is having Tom over. I !&$%ing flipped. She claimed that she had a right to have people over, just like I did. I had to concede and let her invite this !&$%tard over. When he got there I just kind of glared at him to let him know I was pissed and not having any of his $!@%. He doesn't say anything to me and then they go in the computer room and shut the door.

I got to my bed and start to cry.

Then it starts. I hear them !&$%ing. I start going insane with jealousy, rage, and sadness all at once. I don't know what to do. I went to the kitchen and got two Unisom, took them, and passed out shortly after.

That was last night. This morning, I logged on to WoW and deleted my mage in a crying fit. I then kicked my computer so hard that the heatsink fell off of the CPU and smashed into my video card, breaking it.

I guess I'm at a loss. I really don't know what to do. I've thought about killing myself, but I don't think it would be fair to me, or my friends and family... what little I have.

Xandare 17 years ago
jeez... cry a little why dontcha.. whiney bitch
carpex 17 years ago
He should've been like "that's okay, I used your 'trips to your mother's house' to fuck xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx, they live really close too!"
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Where are the ass kickings in this story?
Dia 17 years ago
i cant believe he let him over.
Onimi 17 years ago
lol, its not real. on the main thread on page 9 is goes to say he made it up. but yeah kinda messed up. but i laughed lol
Sebastionleo 17 years ago
Where are the ass kickings in this story?

for real, it'd have been like *opens door* "Hi Tom!" *knocks him out in the hallway* "Bye Tom!" *closes door*
Sebastionleo 17 years ago
lol, its not real. on the main thread on page 9 is goes to say he made it up. but yeah kinda messed up. but i laughed lol

i assumed it was prolly fake, but still a good story.