guild wars

anyone play that game?

Rikr 16 years ago
I tried. It gets old real quick. There is no real auction/bizaar type system. EVERYTHING is instanced...except for the small towns where you can meet up and form groups/sell stuff. You can have I believe it is 6 or 8 spells up on your bar at one time. The game looks nice and runs good on not so uber machines, but that's about it. I give it about a 3.5 out of a 10.

This being said, I have friends that play nightly and think it's the best thing ever created. (Of course, one of them has never played any MMO before GW.)
Saraquael 16 years ago
My GF and I play. At this point in time, I no longer play any MMO and have stuck with GW.

It's basically the only game that's been able to hold my attention.
Masoyama 16 years ago
do you pay a price per month?
barce 16 years ago
Its free to play, after you purchase the initial software. I like it because I can play it in short stints unlike games like EQ where if I logged on I would end up playing for like 4 hours minimum
Rikr 16 years ago
I agree missions don't take too long, so you are not forced into 4-5 hour sessions. I guess it does have it's good points. Just not enough to hold my attention for any length of time. I log in every few weeks and check it out.
Saraquael 16 years ago
I like how the events give items and masks... that really don't have stats or any real use. They're just fun to collect.

Hell, at the comic con, I made my way to their booth just to get 2 pins.