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This will remain locked until said time above and then y'all can turn in anytime after that. You will be considered late by Sunday 9am alaskan time -4est.

Again if you are not able to finish by that time, please pm and let me know!!

Vex 17 years ago

Gave me a bit of a fit because i wanted to do your drawings some justice. Then a little bird told me that someone likes Jessica Alba.

Hopefully this is good enough

Verileah 17 years ago
I had Kaytana! I was very excited about getting Ginnie and had a lot of fun working on her. A couple of things...I'd be happy to change any of the info on the dog tags, and while I thought the cross was fitting with her 'good catholic girl' side, if you don't think it meshes (what with the superstition flaw) I can take that out.

Btw the ss number on her dog tags spells explosive

Edit - yes it was me who broke the tables, sorry!

One Wallpaper

Adiene 17 years ago
yay I had blackrabbit or umm aka Kohanna

Was lots of fun!
Mai 17 years ago
I had Rainfeatherpearl =)

Here's a link to the picture in the wallpaper JYIPXE

And because I was working on making things for the excahnge when someone asked if I knew how to draw chibis.... I did this one.

Eve 17 years ago
Well, this exchange was awesome! When I saw Veri post a bio for a *gasp* BOY! I got so excited. Then names were exchanged and I got the *gasp* BOY and was even more excited! The first thing that came to mind when I read her bio for him was Firefly. Sooo, I went with the whole space cowboy kinda feel, least I hope that's what happened lol. Anywho, made you a big wall paper and siggy. Roz told me that Thanos is going to be your werewolf char on SA, so if you'd like something similar made into a less sci-fi themed sig for there, just let me know hon. *hug* Hope you love him as much as I loved making him

Wystro 17 years ago
My exchange is Diabolica!

Her character is Dr. Shaelynn Leali, a physician who has chosen to stay behind on Earth Prime to take care of those in need.

Link to mid size:

Link to larger size ------>

Little poster:


This was a great deal of fun, and an inspiring character to work on. Thank you so much for creating this exchange, ROz!
Sangre 17 years ago
I got DIA and I did two different versions of her. I hope that you like her - I tried to stick with the 15 year old look and made her tough - given her battle school experience, as well as pretty, too.

I have high res versions of both and if you reply with an e-mail, I will be happy to send them along to you.

Thanks guys - this has really been fun!
RainfeatherPearl 17 years ago
yay, i had a wonderful time with this art exchange! i got Shay and her wonderful Daphinue

the original image is much bigger so, Shay, send me a PM with your e-mail addy and will send it to you
tamaelia 17 years ago
Mai, I loved your backstory for Tavi even before I was allocated you as my exchangee. I was going to wait to post so I could give you both the desktop with a sig and avatar, but time being what it is... I ran out of it. I figured if I got the desktop posted you might forgive my tardiness on the sig and av. I will have them up later on my today... it is Saturday afternoon here.

So here is Tavi with her bike. I hope she looks right to you!

Linkage for size.
Shaelynn 17 years ago
I had

I had a lot of fun doing this art, hope you like and enjoy it! Thanks Roz for hosting the exchange!

csmalls 17 years ago
I had Vex
And hon I want you to know that your render of Fynn nearly made me cry. It's GORGEOUS!!!
Trakhina 17 years ago
Knew I was forgetting something before bed! My recipient is Fyregarnett and being my first exchange, hope you like.

doll base
face brush

And an avatar.

base by
Den 17 years ago
I got Tamaelia!! Hope you like her

I had a lot of fun with this too!

And RainfeatherPearl...I adore what you did with Daph! She's glorious!! Awesome!! Thank you so very much!!
Temprah 17 years ago
I had Adiene! Talk about being intimidated =) You had such fantabulous renders / reference pics for Sixx that I decided to try my hand at a photomanip.. It's been *years* since I have done one. Hope you like

Sig :

Desktop (Linked for size)

credits :
Photo base : Dalene Kurtis copyright Playboy
Daz : goth boots
Electromelt gloves
Stonemason : The Ministry
Daz : Nybras
RDNA : Skydome
Photoshop 6
Sarah 17 years ago
I had Starry!!!

This one has a fun story. I had originally intended to use this base to make a sort of willowy hippy chick and the hair was too big, so I started over again there, and the bun sort of happened, and then the dress didn't match that and the whole thing sort of morphed into a purple kimono thing. Enjoy!

Base by Historical Dolls

Here is a more acurate representation of my original idea!

Base by Autumn Pixels
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
I had Trakhina aka Gabbriella. This is my first exchange, so I tried to do justice to your character and your wonderful backstory. (Linked for size)

And a little sig to go with:

I hope you like it.

edit: The sketch itself is framed and ready to be mailed if you would like it. I apologise for the lousy scanner quality. A bit of the shading was lost. I will fiddle with it and see if I can get a better quality.
Dia 17 years ago
Mcafe! TADA!

I wanted a faded memory type mood and from her description i thought perhaps she had been very obssessed with the sport she played in.

I'm currently in a b/w & red kick. I do have the drawing unsmudge up looking. Hope you enjoy it!

i can make it into a sig if you like as well!
DarkStorm 17 years ago
I had Temprah and might I add I am soooo sorry my PC kept dying during final renders, I sure hope you like these and I had fun doing them...*S*

and full res version of wallpaper
Starry 17 years ago
Kaytana she looks great <3

I had Niki (Thisstuffinside!) for my trade. I drew you at your crossroads, where you decide to either make a difference in this dying world or fade away.


ROzbeans 17 years ago
To Eve from McAfee!