to Laney

DA is down right now so I can't upload it there, Just a "Merry Xmas / Thank you" for the gift

You wanted a DA ID If you want a smaller feel free to shrink, and you can add any text you want. If you want your name removed I can give ya a version without it as well

Thanks again *hugs*

Adiene 17 years ago
oh pretty ! That background is rocking too hehe What V4 is that? o.O
Den 17 years ago
Gorgeous! Love the outfit, face, and hair....purdy!
Temprah 17 years ago
that's gorgeous!!! what outfit is that?
Vex 17 years ago
zomg! can't even recognize your own work! ADI! Its JAYNA!

And Temp, its a new outfit by ElorOnceDark, going on sale at DAZ very soon ( That is if daz isn't retarded and holds it for 2months )
Adiene 17 years ago
LOL!!!! I didn't reconize her with those textures! Damn I did some good face morphs for her hehe *giggles*
Onimi 17 years ago
damn crackhead!!!! looks really nice =)
Adiene 17 years ago
*beats Onimi with a rubber chicken*
tamaelia 17 years ago
Vex, that is luverly.

/bonks the Adi dork on the head.
Lillaanya 17 years ago
Laney 17 years ago

Thanks so much hun! I haven't been able to get to a computer until today so I'm so sorry that I'm just now seeing it and replying back to it!

I'm in Japan right now but I'll be sure to save it and make it my desktop once I get home on Monday!

Thanks again chica! You made the fact that I've been living out of a tent for the past week slip my mind. LOL!

Mai 17 years ago
Very nice I love the colours on the background. The girl is pretty too. LOL Adiene, nice morphs! I was just caught by the pattern coolness first.
Temprah 17 years ago
i love how you used the tattoo design as the background with those cool effects on it Vex. Super sexy, filled with attitude.. VERY nice!
Darsa 17 years ago
Wow! Love it! Want the outfit!