Questions from your person - Participants please read.

Sarah -

Can you ask Sarah if her character wears facial hair, sideburns long or short too please? Thxmuch.

Sarah 17 years ago
Nope...think corn-fed white boy jock type. He looks a lot like...Eric Dane Sans facial hair.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Freyals -

Can you ask Freyals if her character has pointy ears, slanty eyes, any of that funky face stuff goin' on? Or should I just use my imagination

freyals 17 years ago
Hi there!! In my own version of Ela she DOES have pointy ears, a decision I made after I had finished her bio- but really, it's TOTALLY up to you! As for the face, she isnt ugly like a "little green man" - give her a nice pretty HUMAN face!! The alien is all in the blue skin!! hope this helps!! Can't wait to see it!! XD
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Darsa -

Could you ask Darsa if her character for the exchange has a particular animal totem?
Darsa 17 years ago
Hmmm! I would say, given that Darsa is almost always a shaman and began in EQ1, the totem animal would probably be a wolf. I hope this helps!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
For Banbha:

Her character is a 17th century pirate that wakes up on the "other side" in what she describes as a terrible war in 20th century London. Do you interpret this as WWII? I'm struggling for inspiration a little on which way to go I was thinking of having you ask her to add just a little more to her story but wasn't sure whether I should or not.
Banbha 17 years ago
For Banbha:

This would be the WWII era when they were being bombed. It doesn't have to be right at the point of when I ended the brief story but could continue on forward.

In the new time, Tara would have found a way to survive by doing what she does best from her old time....privateering. Finding a sponsor and money to buy a ship and crew, she would do the trade business and some side jobs that aren't quite legal. Even in both times, a woman captain is unheard of but Tara gained respect and reputation as a fair captain. She isn't soft, but nor is she overly harsh. You won't find her in one port too long as the sea is in her blood.

Tara would wear practical clothing. Though, setting her in a formal setting won't be bad. She can dress up to go to the parties she needs to, in order to do business.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
A question for Rixster:

What is Edge City like? Post apocalyptic? War torn? Shiny Utopia? Dystopia? Under water? Under ground?


rixster 17 years ago
What is Edge City like? Post apocalyptic? War torn? Shiny Utopia? Dystopia? Under water? Under ground?

Edge City is one of your typical Off World cities in 2158. Built on the edge of a 4 mile deep canyon (hence its name), on a terraformed planet, out towards the back of the Vega System. It is remote enough not be fully monitoerd by the authorities, but still have a modicum of laws to keep outright lawlessness at bay, and still be able to call in help if needed.

I see the city as a cross between cities in "The 5th Element", "Serenity" and "Blade Runner" - but any way you wish show it is fine by me.

Cheers ears