Please turn in your ART piece for the person you were PM'd with. Everyone is welcomed to add any RP'ing of their character as well. I hope everyone enjoyed the exchange! =)

Remember, it's not late until 11:59pm FRIDAY NIGHT/SATURDAY MORNING.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
From DIA to Karaliina :

I went old school style, photomanip and used my mouse. lol It was difficult to say the least but reminded me of way back when , when its all i did. So it was fun! I was inspired by a commercial for something that ultimatly reminded me that i wanted to see that keanu reeves movie that the actors are painted over. Sooo long story short here is the end result!

Verity 17 years ago
Muwahahahah!!! 2 2

Darsa.. I had you, and it was an absolute pleasure. and a ton of fun!

Here's a portrait:

Linkey for size

and a siggy:

If you want a smaller sig for use at other boards, let me know, and it would be a pleasure to make it for you.

Edit: Darn.. thought I was gonna have the first post
ROzbeans 17 years ago
From Freyals to Jetamio:
ROzbeans 17 years ago
From Karaliina to Adiene:
Vex 17 years ago
I had Diabolica!

link to larger view
Beli 17 years ago
My assignment was RainfeatherPearl!

I had a hard time trying to decide between the rendering that was used to represent the time warp for Namahree and the discovery of the photos themselves so ... I went with both, heh. Had fun with the project -- enjoy!

Original size: 1024 x 768 Wallpaper

Eve 17 years ago
I had Tori B! I tried to portray the scene where your character was sitting and thinking about her purpose in the new place. I hope you like her

Click for full size

Credits: Poser 7 & PSCS2
Aiko with Aofie morphs and Marlene skin; Mitsu hair with textures by Makimxul; various armor bits from Planet Vixens, Oktapussi from RDNA, Isadora by Lady Rhi, and Zenia from Daz; mil hatchling; rocks and coral from RDNA; plants from Dreampaint; background by Didi-MC
ROzbeans 17 years ago
From Sangre to Lilliyana:

Click for Large Portrait
Sabby 17 years ago
My person was Vex, and I must say I have never been quite so nervous on an exchange before. I started doing a v4 image... Then poser crashed on me and screwed up my save point, and rather than re-doing it, I just stuck with it. So... The first two are from that.



Link to full size:


Then I decided I didn't like that one, and it wasn't Vex-ish enough... so... I made another set... Hope ya like em, Kat.



Widescreen Desktop:

Full Sized:


Full Sized:
Darsa 17 years ago
Aaaa! I'm late!! (Photoshop was... interesting last night with the finishing up; I swore a lot...) Ahem. Anyway, I had FREYALS! Holy moly but I had a hard time with the gold! Too brassy, too bright, ewww, ick, OMG!! Those are the things I said. Not to mention finding a good font for such a short name; I gotta thank Brierlea on SMMO for help with that one... So anyway! Here's what I came up with; I really hope you like them!

Big Picture Here!

As detailed and colorful as the character was, I wanted to make sure that the background and such didn't detract from her, or become too busy, so I tried to stick with the simple back.
Adiene 17 years ago
Well after all the crying and throwing up after loosing ALL my work I managed to draw and try to paint my picture. I've never missed turning in an exchange before and wasn't about to start! lol So here is the end result hope its ok =x Wished I had more time on it *hugs*(

I had Perel :

Lillaanya 17 years ago
I had LacyAnn

tamaelia 17 years ago

I didn't want you to feel all left out because everyone posted their stuff so early in the posting window! So, here is your desktop featuring Joey. I meant to ask what size you prefer, so I have it in a couple variations. Let me know if you need it different to 1240x1064.

Linked for size.

I will add your sig/av images as soon as I have them all trimmed and tidied up. Yes I know, I am heinous for leaving it to now, I just am incurable when it comes to indecision and re-rendering. I promise they will be up before Roz comes after me with a big stick!


Here is the sig.

rixster 17 years ago
I had Mistresspoisongirl

Main image is about 5 minutes after Azra was spotted...

Main Image

Desktop Image

And sig

Let me know if you need the desktop or sig resized - hope you like

Jetamio 17 years ago
I had Sangre.

I cant do all that 3d stuff yet, so hand drawn one for you

Banbha 17 years ago
Well, my person was Eve! Which I managed to get this main image done around school work and regular work here, plus Poser being very slow with me on the image. Wish I had time for more, like a sig, I might be able to when I get home from work today.

I just had a bit of a hard time deciding what to do for a backdrop and you don't want to know how many I went through and scrapped.

Portrait headshot here...really should be doing school work...*sheepish smile*

Verileah 17 years ago
I had Rixster . I made an av of Kerria waking up in the cyropod...

And I made a bookmark because I'm nerdy like that...

I also made a desktop but stupidly made it -my- desktop size *laughs*. So if it doesn't fit I'll reshape it .

Sarah 17 years ago
I was taken into another corner of the galaxy with Syyreeidak's Motoko




Doll base by:

The Purple Dungeon

I learned a lot while doing this doll. So I'm really glad I got your character. You're back story was great and I hope I captured her readiness for battle.
Temprah 17 years ago
To : Tamaelia

First the sig :

And a desktop for you :

Click me!

If you would like an unaltered copy of the full color portrait, or the sepia one please just let me know! I didn't snap to upload them last night =/