Four Brothers

I could've sworn I posted this a bit ago. This is starring Mark Wahlberg, directed by John Singleton. A story of 4 deliquent brothers who come back to the neighborhood to bury the woman who adopted them when no one else wanted them and the system had given up on them. Really amazing story, very anti-hero since the only redeeming quality these men have is their loyalty to family, the rest is just winging shit as they go.

Mark Wahlberg is Bobby, middle kid but basically the thug leader. He's just complete Detroit bad ass in this movie, I swear I'll watch anything with him in it. He's come so far from Markie Mark and the ridiculously low hung jeans.

Powerful story, amazing gun fights and hilarious to boot. Good stuff.

jadephyre 15 years ago
i plan to get this Movie on DVD soon, i hope it's good... i only say the first 30 Minutes on German Pay-TV and it didn't really knock me out of my shoes so far...
blazyn 15 years ago
I bet there is some stuff a whole lot more interesting than mark whalberg on german pay per view
jadephyre 15 years ago
maybe there is, but i wanted to watch that movie... and my buddy just switched to another channel since he saw that movie a dozen times already :P
Shame that the Pay-TV Decoder isn't mine