Day Two /ooc chatter

Emerald bit it! Discuss!

pharren 17 years ago
(insert cleanliness joke here)
Vulash 17 years ago
It's a shame we can't just say "hey who was on kitchen duty?"
Vulash 17 years ago
Well no time to dig now I'll be back later
Slipnish 17 years ago
The clues are pretty obvious I'm a thinking...

Henry the Homeless guy is the murderer. Think about it. Windex??? Who else would be carrying around a bottle of windex and a hypodermic needle? We could argue that the needle was perhaps stolen from the nurse, but again, who is more likely to steal?

Look at the bios. The only person who fits those paradigms is Henry the Homeless guy.

I figure the Windex is a not so obvious clue to the habitual car window washing of some street people...

Anyone else get anything from it?
Tor 17 years ago
The angel of death passage could be any military person I suppose. The reference to living dead could be a reference to Lincoln's impending shrapnel doom. It also references quiet again.

Another recurring theme - running away - comes up. Points to one of our globetrotters.

There was a definite cleanliness vibe.

The smart shove caught my attention.

Clueless about personal space.

The needle and windex thing was a little strange - seems to suggest a drug user or our remaining nurse in cooperation with a clean person.

The bloody nose screams Hank.

Rummaging through belongings screams Henry.

I think things are still not looking too kosher for our resident homeless man.
Vulash 17 years ago
Ok busy weekend - lets see what I can find, but I dn't have tons of time tomorrow will be even worse

First quote again is the word chill - a recurring mafia theme so far, but this one isn't very overt

Second quote has street and we have a street cleaner, but eh - that's a massive stretch

Entire thing is loaded with kitchen and food references - ketchup bottle and mention of cooking - entire gang is in the kitchen etc etc and we have a waitress in Nickie Myers (any other food connections?) <--- biggest clue/connection I see
"They had all stopped at a restaurant just inside of Oregon. Some of the others were making use of what had not yet spoiled to prepare a lunch for the rest of them. Disturbing to think that these same people who were fixing each other a meal last night had killed one of their own."

"He sighed and put his cheek in his hand" - reminds me of a nurse or mother checking (we do have a child careperson too) for a fever - also of course the main kill was with a needle and we have another nurse - however, the needle seemed more just for the irony of killing a nurse then a clue to the other nurse - that would be to large

Choose someone that hits home for them, - Tempy definately does that in an analogy type way

She moved with a purpose between the booths - again waitress

scouring the place - reminds me of lava - volcanologist maybe? Oh wait that's me (hehe it's a stretch but I thought of it and said eh why not!)

The killer rummaged the belongings - we have a few rummager types, but also interesting considering you wouldn't want to get caught with her shit

Overall nothign really conclusive and I just don't ahve the time to go deeper - the connection to the waitress seems the most solid, but would really like to see the SK kill since the death of Roz made her sound like not it

Also tomorrow I'm dorkign it up - going to SP crater (dead cinder cone/volcano) and a pumice mine then a dork bbq so I wno't be back until later - which means in time to read really fast then vote I think, hopefully i can find a little break to get on earlier, or do it at teh bbq - so like don't kill me and stuff
Vulash 17 years ago
What the hell no posts all day and I go to type that and both of you post
Vulash 17 years ago
I didn't catch that connection to homeless with the windex, definately fits in with other past clues today and first mafia hit, but still doesn't seem like a ton towards Henry really - you've patially sold me

I agree about the other nurse but that jsut seems so obvious?

Personal Space seemed like a big clue, and I don't get it at all

Smart shove I caught, but that doesn't narrow it down much
Slipnish 17 years ago
Okay, last post tonight...

Voted for Henry already, HOWEVER...

I am pretty sure that Nickie Myers is one of the Mafia, as well. If I turn up dead, you will all know I am right...

Check out these clues:

went back into the kitchen to get her own food.

They had really banded together and were working as a team. She thought the others could learn from the example of the kitchen crew.

twirled the ketchup bottle around idly on the table

They had all stopped at a restaurant

She moved with a purpose between the booths, helping bringing out the food that had been cooked up

If that doesn't SCREAM waitress...what does???

SO...Henry is the SK, and Nickie is at least ONE of the mafia. Thoughts?
Tor 17 years ago
I think today's stuff does point some to Nickie, but Henry has pretty solid clues on days One and Two. Nickie will be a solid option later if another big hint set points her way and is someone to keep an eye on for now.
Rae 17 years ago
I am going to say again that the Girl Scout is the serial killer.

From the first hit, there was indication that the killer knew Vern’s wounds were too serious and needed modern medicine. The SK also thought it was wrong to leave Vern to suffer and was concerned that Vern would be a burden on the others. In addition, there was the mention of the “Garden Grave”

Kassidy mentions not wanting to use her first aid badge, which indicates basic knowledge of wound treatment. Her bio also talks about her being a bad person, which is why she lived, but had also talked about her getting better. This would indicate some sense of right and wrong. Kassidy also says that she got to be a handful, i.e. a burden, for her parents. Lastly, she buried her parents with potting soil and threw in some seeds. That would mean that her parents will have a “Garden Grave”

From the second hit, the SK talks about making the world better. The world didn’t really need the rich wannabe rock star. Also, the thoughts of the SK through the entire hit read like the thoughts of a jealous teenager.

In Kassidy’s bio, she talks about how it is better for the kids to survive because they can change things and make the world better. On a side note, who better than a 15 year old to use the ‘Death by Swirlie’ method?
Den 17 years ago
Hmmm...interesting ideas Rae.
vwinsect 17 years ago
chuckling at the death by swirly and yes my students would get a kick out of that one.
Tor 17 years ago
Food for thought -

As far as being a burden, in Xrystal's bio, her parents divorce over her dance complications. I'd say that's a pretty big burden, too.

As for the jealous teenager and spoiled plans, well, Xrystal's dream of being a ballet dancer was foiled by her boobies. Xrystal is a teenager as well. Angelina was well on her way to living her dream. Residual bitterness? Xrystal is also a teenager, so the "swirlie method" could apply to her as well.

Rae has also only publicly posted on SK clues, which could indicate a desire to set up a convenient scapegoat for herself, should the need arise. Interesting to ignore posting on the Mafia clues.

The other points she made also lead to other characters, but they have been brought up already so I won't echo them here.

**Edit - she also provided a clue on the Emerald line of reasoning. I know I thought that Emerald was a good candidate for SK as well, but that could be viewed as a general clue rather than a specific.**

((ooc - and the storm info - hope everything is mellow and safe down there now))
Four Winds 17 years ago

I'm stretching out here but:

Possible uses for Windex:



Magnifying Lense:

Estaban - Vespa
Temperance - Humvee
Xrystal - Mustang Convertable
Carly - Minivan

Possible access to a Syringe:

Kassidy - First Aid Merit Badge
Lincoln - First Aid Kit
Lanna - a Nurse

Reason to Rumage through Emerald's belongings:

Henry - scavenger
Kassidy - Looting Merit Badge
Lanna - retrieving any possible medical supplies/kit
Lincoln - retrieving any possible military supplies/kit

My Mafia choice:
Lanna could have access to Windex, access to to Syringe, and a plausible reason to rumage through Emerald's gear. She would also have the necessary skill to slip the syringe into the right place and administer the Windex correctly.

Emerald alludes to "an unmistakable sensation for someone who had given so many to others and received more than a few herself."

That doesn't sound like a random jab in the arm and hoping the Windex will do the trick. To kill Emerald that fast you would need to hit a vein and a skilled nurse could reasonably have a shot of doing that without first checking for one moreso than anyone else.
Calimaryn 17 years ago
Always pickin on the homeless guy. But if ya read my bio, ya will note I'm not much concerned with cleanliness.
Four Winds 17 years ago
Actually I stood up for the homeless guy this time.
vwinsect 17 years ago
Still trying to figure out where Lanna uses Windex but interesting observations all. I saw some of them but wow, you can tell you are pros at this. chuckles.
Vulash 17 years ago
Wouldn't need to regularly use windex to know that if you inject it it kills someone - and knowing where the quick veins are and how to insert it is a pretty big clue

Regardless - Henry has a lot at him but i'm just not sold - it looks like he's gonna bite it so doesn't matter if I'm sold or not, but I thinkwe're making a mistake letting teh waitress go :P
Four Winds 17 years ago
Still trying to figure out where Lanna uses Windex but interesting observations all. I saw some of them but wow, you can tell you are pros at this. chuckles.

You could possibly use Windex to clean your camera lenses - I know it's a longshot but it's plausible.