Day Five - OOC Chatter

Xrystal asploded! Discuss!

Temprah 17 years ago
Here's who's left. We're either 4-3 with the mafia or 5-2.. since if they had more we'd have lost now. Somehow I didn't get the impression from the hit that we had reduced their numbers So, my money is on 4-3.

We guess right tonight or we lose.

Angus McNickenstein : Nickenstein
Carly Gables : Shay
Estaban De Santos : Slipnish
Jet Brady : Jetamio
Lanna Rose Denmark : Vwinsect
Nickie Myers : Fyregarnett
Temperance Jaxx : Temprah

Xrystal bit it after making some well presented and detailed accusations. I am going to go over those first and get my facts together.. will post soon.
Temprah 17 years ago
OMG..... I just had a thought. The random talk about a cleric in D&D. Was Rae the doctor you think guys? We just lost the doctor? Oh crap. *cry*
Jetamio 17 years ago
Temprah 17 years ago
Reviewing yesterdays I saw something that I think is a good clue.

"With a look at her watch.."
There's one person left who has a watch. JET. From her bio : She looked at her watch and cursed.

Clues I am taking from today's hit :

"Matt had been in good spirits but it seemed that Vera had swayed the opinion of the crowd once more. At this rate they were practically in the Walking Dude's back yard."

We were doing good but now we've almost lost.. our choices last night were wrong maybe? We're almost in Vegas and it's do or die time.

"Paints a picture, I suppose"

Pointing to Carly with from her bio carrying
"Being around children so much, Carly carries a huge satchel type purse, full of things she or the girls might need when away from the house. Snacks, wipes, small bottles of water...crayons, color books"

"She was certain they could hear the beating of her heart"

As Rae pointed out yesterday there have been mentions of a heart in every single Mafia hit. Is our resident Latin lover guilty?

“Ah, don’t worry little girl! We’ve got a light here…”

Another reference to kids. Estaban has made quite a few mentions of children and kids being found in these hits. Another finger pointing to Carly IMO.

"it had been converted to a small tourist trap"

The only tourist we have left among us is JET.

"He raked his fingers through his hair and checked out the supplies, doing the math for the amount of water they would need to get through the desert on his fingers and comparing that to what they actually had. It looked like a good ratio but he wanted to be safe – he couldn’t think of a stupider way to die than, after all they had been through, running out of water when they could have planned ahead."

Water references abound. Who left specifically mentions carrying water? Estaban, Carly and JET.


there's more but I wanted to get this up and discussion started since I'm getting busy here at work for a bit.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
cleric talk? i missed that i think... but that would seriously suck at this stage of the game!

this may be a bit of a leap, but for some reason it jumped out at me so bear with me while i try to "talk it through". The way that Matt is talking about Vera swaying the group may support that we are on the wrong track somewhere. which makes me wonder about the previous mafia hits and if we've totally overlooked this potential weather vane on our thinking. the way he's talking now sounds like he's for heading to Mother Abigale and believes that Vera is pushing for Flagg. or at least it does to me. so my thinking is that when matt is happy about the direction and vera is irked over it, me may want to revisist our line of thinking at the time and see where we were heading in our ooc discussion?

and please tell me that made an ounce of sense to anyone else. idea

edit - and apparantly Temp had a similiar idea at the same time time!!
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
okie, in light of rae going out in a rather spectacular blaze of glory, i think we need to take a good hard look at our "lover of wimmens".

is there anything to add to his potential guilt ni the last hit?
Jetamio 17 years ago
Damn Temprah, you really have it in for me lol. Scared Estaban gonna start flirting with me instead? ;p
Temprah 17 years ago
Uh darlin.. I ain't tying him down and he ain't holdin me. I'm not a one guy kind of gal. Hell if you wanna have a turn I would watch.. or join in. Kinda sounds kinky. Might be fun, y'all never know. And just 'cause I'm hitting on ya.. don't mean I trust ya.
Den 17 years ago
DAMN THIS JOB ANYWAY! I sit around for weeks with nothing to do, and now that I really want to delve into all these bios and clues I'm suddenly busy!

I haven't given up my opinion on Esteban...I just printed out all the bios, and will now be going through the hits again. If what I see so far is substantiated, it will be a close call between Esteban and Jet.
Jetamio 17 years ago
S'ok, you can have him, I'm not one for bravado's. I like real men.
Temprah 17 years ago
*looks around the camp* Hell I'll take what I can get. Not like there's a lotta options left for a gal.
Jetamio 17 years ago
That desperate huh?
Temprah 17 years ago
we could die at any minute... You're damn straight. I ain't gonna waste a single minute left on this here Earth that I could be having a lil fun. Ya oughta try it some, what instead of killin people and stuff.
Temprah 17 years ago
Ok Ok enough banter from the slutty redhead! Back to serious clue sleuthing. I am reposting some of my day 3 things against Jet.


Day 3 Mafia Hit clues
4. "He was at a water pump filling up their bottles of water for the next day."

From Jet's bio :
"Items being carried: A backpack with what she would take on the plane with her - bottle of water, passport, tickets, doorkeys, digital camera, purse with a few dollars in cash, and a credit card."

Yes yes, *quite* a few people have water bottles. It's still a matching clue.

5. “We're here to take care of your wee headache problem.”
This word use, "wee" leads me to believe it's one of the two Scotts. Angus has no real clues towards him (and I hunted) so I attribute this to Jet as more likely of the two.

From Jet's bio :
Jet is from Dunfermline in Scotland, (a bit north of Edinburgh)

** EDIT ***

Forgot a huge one!

6. From Day 3 Mafia Hit
“Its called culling the herd."

From Jet's bio :
"The only sound now is the wind whistling gently down the street, herding litter like a flock of sheep before it."

A reference to herds of things... not exactly common in anyone else's bio!!

Jetamio 17 years ago
*cough* I am the slutty rehead?
Jetamio 17 years ago
And another thing my dear, 3 days running now you have had it in for me. If I were guilty, surely I'd have killed you off by now to shut you up? But no, I have ignored it. Are you focusing so hard on me cos you have your own dark secret? You took out two men in a parking lot without barely breaking a sweat - of course you have don't have a few tricks up your sleeve now do you?
Temprah 17 years ago
No, I meant *I* am the slutty redhead. Hell, I ain;t ashamed.


I have it in for you because the clues keep leading me to you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me someone else if you are really a townie. Tonight's lynch is it y'all, we get one of our own and if the numbers are even then we lose.

Show me clues on Estaban. Show me clues on Lanna. Or Carly, or Nickie or ANYONE. I will tell you right now, since we townies have nothing to lose.. I'm a townie, and I have my strong suspicions as to who the (I am betting) 3 mafia are.

Oh and no, why would you kill me off and prove that my accusations were correct? Not enough people have been with me to hang you so I haven't been a threat.
Jetamio 17 years ago
Ok! once raid done I'll dig!
Slipnish 17 years ago
Let's face facts ladies... There is plenty of Estaban to go around... *G*

Now down to the delving...

I am sticking with my original thoughts for several reasons.

1. I am not going to vote for myself. (Obviously...)
2. I think the "wee" headache and all the other child references point to one character.
3. I don't think we have many options, so we need to just cross our fingers, and hope the odds fall in our favor.
4. I think we eliminated at least one Mafia with the subtraction of Dirk.

Seriously, Sorry Carly...

Den 17 years ago
Several reasons???? You've mentioned a few random 'child' references...that's pitiful.

However, let's look at you senor...the first references are in the mafia hits...the second in your bio...

water references = Evian water in your backpack, and raiding rooms for water

red = red scarf

vanity = amazing good looks, 'a star was born',

sickly sweet stench of death = can no longer bear the smell...

streets = he decided to hit the streets

rummaging = raid adjacent rooms

drugs = coke

three days = three day shoot

false bravado = his aka personality

vomit ended up in her hair = hair products

Lincoln's terminal injury but it was a waste of time
TS Elliot – The Waste Land = high school was a total waste of time

There are more references, but I will need to finish posting them when I get home.