Day Five - OOC Chatter

Xrystal asploded! Discuss!

Jetamio 17 years ago
Well, Xrystals killer seems to have a lack of patience.

she heard someone give an exasperated sigh behind her

Carly, gets angry at a little piece of paper on her window on the way to the Space Needle.

Carly parked, got out, and angrily ripped the paper from the glass

“Ah, don’t worry little girl! We’ve got a light here…”

Again, that talking to children kinda way of speaking. Trying to reassure her with a night light perhaps?

Sparkly, and sparkles, mentioned a couple times in the hit, children often make collages and other arty stuff with sparkly bits, again a reference to children per chance?

Carly hasn't yet got the child she wants so much. Xrystal was only 17, barely out of childhood really. Perhaps she is bitter that she cant have her dream, yet here someone elses child is flaunted under her nose every day.
Den 17 years ago
Or, perhaps Esteban is sighing because he couldn't have the 'minor' Xrystal, so he figured she was good to go :P
Den 17 years ago
You people keep focusing on ONE theme...when there are a bazillion ones out there. Unfortunately, you can only pin one on Carly...sounds like the mafia is getting a bit anxious.
Slipnish 17 years ago
Several reasons???? You've mentioned a few random 'child' references...that's pitiful., I listed several, and they weren't pitiful, they were plentiful.

However, let's look at you senor...the first references are in the mafia hits...the second in your bio...


water references = Evian water in your backpack, and raiding rooms for water's a survival scenario. I'm not the only one with water.

red = red scarf

And how many people with red hair? That's a reach and you know it. You're all about saving your cute, round fanny at this point, and I don't blame you.

vanity = amazing good looks, 'a star was born',

Uh-huh. Not vanity, bravado. False bravado is pretending to be brave. Estaban isn't anything of the sort. He's narcissitic... Big difference.

sickly sweet stench of death = can no longer bear the smell...

Smells like a load of dirty diapers to me, cause that's what death is. Rot and voided bowels.

streets = he decided to hit the streets

Streets? As in what? Not sure what you are referencing here.

rummaging = raid adjacent rooms

For food, not for personal items. Check the bio sweety.

drugs = coke

The drugs were in conjunction with a mafia hit involving a needle. Other than that, which I still insist points to the nurse, that seems pretty lame. I don't remember overt references to drugs, though I can't say that 100% without going back and reviewing all the hits YOU perpetrated...

three days = three day shoot

Uhm...say huh? Three days of what for what?

alse bravado = his aka personality

Bravado and false bravado are different in context. You need to consider that. Who keeps fakng being brave? The narcissitic model, or the pampered little miss homemaker who lost her husband, her friends, and the children she was supposed to be looking after? Talk about keeping a stiff upper lip. I bet you can't drink soup with that thing.

vomit ended up in her hair = hair products

Another reach. I can't see equating vomit with hair care products. That's just...out there. You been sniffing the kids model glue again?

Lincoln's terminal injury but it was a waste of time
TS Elliot – The Waste Land = high school was a total waste of time

I'll give you that one, though I know it isn't for me, it does fit.

There are more references, but I will need to finish posting them when I get home.

I've posted yours before, and I'm willing to do so again, provided I saved the file. I'm pretty sure I did.

Anywho, I look forward to your next batch of vileness.

Estaban. Hated by the womens he has yet to love....
Slipnish 17 years ago
You people keep focusing on ONE theme...when there are a bazillion ones out there. Unfortunately, you can only pin one on Carly...sounds like the mafia is getting a bit anxious.

Jealousy does not become you my sweet. Estaban may regret the unfortunate passing of a flower he has yet to pick, but God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to populate the Earth with many blooms.....

Losing one is not so much.

However, while we have time, Estaban thinks baby got back.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
next time i decide to play this game, remind me i am way to honest a person to do so. lazy maybe, and can procrastinate with the best of them, but damn!!! i'm not sure i'd trust my mother at this point!!!

i'm gonna go with my first instinct - that rae was onto something yesterday. soory estaban!!
Slipnish 17 years ago
next time i decide to play this game, remind me i am way to honest a person to do so. lazy maybe, and can procrastinate with the best of them, but damn!!! i'm not sure i'd trust my mother at this point!!!

i'm gonna go with my first instinct - that rae was onto something yesterday. soory estaban!!


I knew I should have spread around the love. Now all I have to look forward to for a hot time is a funeral pyre.

Estaban well knows that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
a woman?? i think you might have missed a few - though the ones you did make aren't exactly standing up for you so maybe Nic was better off without after all!!!
Slipnish 17 years ago
All I'm saying is...

1. false bravado. Carly clearly is keeping up pretenses despite HUGE tragedy in a short period of time. Her best friends and the kids that she COUNTED on being a part of her life are gone.
2. parody of actual joy. She laughs a lot Someone with a sense of humor after losing 3 kids and her best friends less than 2 weeks ago? Come on... She's a psycho killer if ever there was one.
3. "little" consciences" Maybe a reference to her job as caring for "little people" aka children?
4. “Look don't be ornery with me, old son, I'm just as unhappy about this situation as you are.” Treating the horse like a small child. Talking and explaining behaviors...
5. “You could be a little more grateful, you know.” Dunno how literary the mods are, but the quote, "How sharper than a serpents tooth is the tongue of an ungrateful child." popped into my head when I read this one. Another leader to child rearing/child care.
6. Lincoln thought he could find himself a better conversationalist but Charley kept making noise as if he were agitated. Okay, this is twofer. How many times do you hear parents talk about needing conversation outside of their children? As a parent, I love my kids, but I can only spend so much time discussing the social dynamics of the 15 and 16 yr old female dept., and the obvious superlative fighting style of Naruto over just about everyone else in the universe with the 11 yr old boy... This one seems pretty obvious. Secondly, "making noises as if he were agitated." Of course Charley is an animal and that's what they do, but small children, like the 10 month old don't talk a lot either. They cry and carry on, even if they have a few words. Maybe a stretch, but it seems to fit the theme that's been established.

And this is just from ONE Mafia Hit.

You guys are so far out in left field on this one...
7. “We're here to take care of your wee headache problem.” At first I thought this was Angus. He's the only one here that might use the "wee" when speaking, but after reviewing he clues, I decided that the Mods wouldn't be that obvious except to mislead. Besides, would they only use one clue and that one SO obvious? I don't think so. At least not from what I remember about previous Mafia scenarios... That being said, I think "wee" is another reference to "wee" people, despite it's nomenclature here. Of course I could be wrong, but that seems to deflate all the other supportive evidence.
Den 17 years ago
you are too funny...though I can see how you can manipulate anything to fit what you want it to.
Den 17 years ago
and again, you are pinning everything on only one aspect of Carly...the fact that she wanted a baby, and took care of children. there are so many other issues at hand...that you happen to fit.
Slipnish 17 years ago
Name: Carly Gables

Appearance: 5'4", a chubby 150 lbs, to a small tourist trap where folks could learn the difference between stalactites and stalagmites and see the pretty sparkles in the walls. Small again, and a trap. Interesting, huh? “Ah, don’t worry little girl! We’ve got a light here…” They are telling you right there. "Little girl"! Could it BE any more obvious? Fifth Mafia Hit.
very long, dark brown, wavy hair that she usually braids, or wears in a pony tail pulled to the side of her head, tucked behind her right ear. Carly wears glasses to read with, and when not sitting on her nose being used, almost always has them on top of her head That is unless she's outside, and then her prescription sunglasses rest in place of the reading glasses. She's not pretty, but she has large, expressive eyes, fringed in sooty black lashes and a round, bee-stung lips on her generous mouth. She laughs a lot, that was some parody of actual joy. False bravado again. Third Mafia Hit and because her cheeks are so pudgy, you often don't actually see her eyes. People often say the word gnome comes to mind when asked to describe Carly.

a wide, terrifying grin Second Mafia Hit

put his cheek in his hand,Second Mafia Hit.

Like a mother touching her child to check for fever or maybe pinching a fat cheek. Look at her description of pudgy cheeks. So pudgy you can't see her eyes when she laughs. Which she does a LOT, despite the loss of all those close to her? Smells like false bravado to me, and I don't need a grundge band to tell me.

none of them dared to think that it was false bravado, Second Mafia Hit.

Place of origin: Carly moved to Seattle with the company she worked for, a little over six years ago. She was born in southern California, and left behind her mother, father, two brothers, and one sister.

Occupation: At the moment Carly provides day care for three sisters ages of five, three, and ten months. The girl's parents work for the firm Carly and her husband had worked for, and Carly has known Jack and Felicia since moving to Seattle.

Death is in the Air

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

--The Second Coming, WB Yeats

Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper

She lost the 3 children already, and what was HER reference to the number 3 again?

Born and baby references, first mafia hit.

(admittedly small) masses. First hit again. Another child reference. First Mafia Hit.

we got a big day ahead of us tomorrow…” First Mafia Hit.

More things a parent or care provider says to a child...

twirled the ketchup bottle Second Mafia Hit.

Not salt or pepper or any other condiment but the one every child eats EVERYTHING with.

the mental image of the poor kid laid out in a nearly unrecognizable lump A blatant KID reference! Fourth Mafia Hit

And so they marched in silence, Been in a school lately, or a day care. How do they go from class to class or to lunch? They march. In silence. Fourth Mafia Hit

Gonna skip the others from the third one some, because I have covered it extensively already.

Mode of transportation: She drives a late model mini-van.
That damn van was the last thing he ever saw with its grin that mocked him like the dark man in his nightmares.
Now ask yourself this. Vespa vs a VAN? How many clues do ya need? This girl is as guilty as a naked man wearing a condom in your daughter's bedroom! Fourth Mafia Hit

Items being carried: Being around children so much, Carly carries a huge satchel type purse, full of things she or the girls might need when away from the house. Snacks, wipes, small bottles of water...crayons, color books, and a coupls super balls...then she also has a brush, and comb, barrettes, and pony tail holders, her wallet, pill box, keys with a swiss army knife attached...her cell phone, and a small cosmetic case with lip gloss, hand lotion, a nail file, and mirror round out her pack.

up to playing with the high rollers. Playing (kids again)and High rollers, eh? A stay at home wanna be mom is certainly not up to the task either...

doing the math for the amount of water they would need to get through the desert on his fingers I ask you, who...WHO counts on their finders? Narcissitic males, or children? As we have no children and only one player associated with them endlessly... You can figure this out. Fifth Mafia Hit.

I believe I could find more clues, but am somewhat pressed for time. I hope you gals out there realize the advantage you are giving the mafia because I put some water in a backpack and chose a red scarf for my character to wear...

Slipnish 17 years ago
you are too funny...though I can see how you can manipulate anything to fit what you want it to.


Because YOU wouldn't do anything like that at all, would you, Mafia Woman? (I'm so gonna get you a cape made when this is over...)

For the record, look at how much of your bio mentions kids...

Sure I have lots of things in there, but there is no consistancy with that, even with the bravado thing. You have to remember this is subjective. I see a definite pattern here that Ray Charles could follow on a bad day...
Temprah 17 years ago
you have so little time left on this world darlin, couldn't you be putting it to better use than beatin a dead horse?

*wiggles eyebrows and grins*
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
not the horse again!!!
Jetamio 17 years ago
Jeez, leave the poor horse alone. *pats the grouchy horse she has been looking after*
Slipnish 17 years ago
you have so little time left on this world darlin, couldn't you be putting it to better use than beatin a dead horse?

*wiggles eyebrows and grins*

It certainly seems that way...

I swear! I saw that horse move!
Temprah 17 years ago
Hey! I would never hit a horse! They're wonderful creatures. Smart and noble. And you know... *ponder* I guess the government isn't really around anymore so laws don't apply anymore huh? hmmmm. The Romans used to love their horses... a lot... I always wondered....... hmmm.

Yeah we should lynch Jet next and I'll take good care of ol' Charlie.


((OOC dear god *blush* she's shameless ))
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
no no no.
i get charlie.


probably the only male around here that is dependable!!!

(and get your minds outta the gutter - i subscribe to the "save a horse, ride a cowboy" lifestyle!!)
Temprah 17 years ago
Yeah you're right on that one. Well.. Ya know I ain't picky if you're feelin lonely... *grin*