DAY SIX- /ooc chatter

Tempy got a little bump on the noggin....Discuss!

Den 16 years ago

Jetamio 16 years ago
Oh goody, I wonder whose gonan get the blame tonight.
Den 16 years ago
Heh -- I can think of two people
Jetamio 16 years ago
I bet.
Den 16 years ago
WOW -- Some great hints that point to Angus today:

He's an alcoholic = Palace Saloon, A few drinks of whiskey and the problems seemed less important.

He carries Britany Spears CDs = the horror of this revelation stabbed like a spear.

There were previous spear references as well...this is just a sampling of whats to come later
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
oh poor Temp!!! well, at least she got in a last drink first.

well, jet, we can always revisit the clues against carly, see if anything new pops up for her!
Den 16 years ago
Or Nickie...or one is completely above suspicion
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
ack! too many desicions!!! not enough time (this only having internet at lunch really does suck)

that's it, I'm not turning my back on nobody. you just want my gum!!!
Jetamio 16 years ago
You are all just after Charley!

((I seriously need sleep, been up with RL probs and havent slept for 30 hours. have set my alarm for 2am (and hope everyone else dont hear it) so will give me 2 hours to dig some stuff and wag fingers!))
nickenstien 16 years ago
WOW -- Some great hints that point to Angus today:

He's an alcoholic = Palace Saloon, A few drinks of whiskey and the problems seemed less important.

He carries Britany Spears CDs = the horror of this revelation stabbed like a spear.

That all seems very tenuous indeed!

I may be an alcholic, but I read nothing in the hit text to indicate the killer was an alcoholic (merely being in a bar does not constitude having a drink problem).

In fact it was poor Temprah who downed a bottle of whisky! (I actualy suspected her to be mafia! So I'm a bit confused now. Can Mafia kill their own to deflect attention ?, sorry I am new to all of this and I'm not sure I fully understand all of the rules.)

Also, my drink of choice is Shandy, read the Bio *hick*

The spears thing. How can that possibly even be a clue ?

What would the contents of my pockets have to do with a feeling of a revelation ? I dont get that.

I could just as easily (and with more validity) say : -

the horror of this revelation stabbed like a spear = Carly carries a knife (stabbing weapon).

We have been making very poor choices, and clearly the mafia have played us for chumps. We need to stop listening to this obvious Mafia subterfuge!

Carly needs to go, or we are screwed!
Den 16 years ago
lol -- the things I mentioned are CLUES...not outright admissions of guilt or innocence. You have to read between the lines here, and in addition to the new alcohol references, of which there are a ton, we also still have the 'wee'-Scottish connection, the red beard...well, I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'll post a much better synopsis later.

I AM NOT MAFIA...but then you already know this, don't you Angus???
Den 16 years ago
Okay, here is everything I have that points to Angus, and some mafia references match his bio EXACTLY! Mafia details first/Angus bio details follow:

Day One: Eventually, though, he must have drifted off…// He drifted for a few years

…he also saw a pair of red glowing eyes…// Red floppy top hat…for keeping the sun out of his eyes…

Day Six: Drink up with me…Between the bars…saloon, bottle of whiskey, alcohol, A few drinks of whiskey and the problems seemed less important, finished it off // alcoholic, Finishing off a bottle…

In addition there are many references to cleaning, clearing, streets // Angus was a street sweeper

By his own admission he is of low intelligence, and as such when Vern said “ Well geez, if you didn’t just about give me a heart attack…” it sounded as if he were speaking to a child, OR, someone who is mentally slow.

There was the person who rummaged through Emerald’s belongings, and Angus looted the music store.

Music abounds through this whole story, and music is very important to Angus

…stabbed like a spear = Brittany Spears

…wee headache problem = Scottish

“Ah, don’t worry little girl!” = Angus is tall


Ok…to me all that is very damning; however, I have also seen things that point elsewhere, and we do have more than one mafia left.

Back in a bit for my findings on Ms. Jet.
Den 16 years ago
The clues that point to Ms. Jet are not near as clear to me as Angus’ were; however, there is one scene in her bio that is very reminiscent of a scene in today’s hit.

Mafia Day Six: There –was- someone there! Annoyed, she called out, urging the figure to come closer instead of lurking in the shadows, but whoever it was sat still as a stone. Vera huffed and decided it was possible the person didn’t hear her, even though she knew how to project her already rather loud voice. Stomping up the aisle, she approached the figure, ready to ask him what his problem was.

Soon enough, though, ‘his problem’ became apparent. He was dead.

Jet’s little scene: She took the stairs down to the main lobby and went to the desk to check out. The receptionist was slumped over his desk, unmoving.
Thinking him asleep, perhaps nursing a stinking hangover, she prodded him gently. "Excuse me?" At the prodding she froze....he was too stiff for someone sleeping. Looking closer she could see no movement of his chest and stepped back hastily, realising he was dead.

Mafia Day One: …listening to the quiet…cold grey sky…red glowing eyes… jean jacket, and cowboy boots

Mafia Day Three: It’s called culling the herd…

Mafia Day Four: And so they marched in silence…Vera had kept a stiff upper lip

Mafia Day Six: The other’s were mute - alcohol references

Jet’s bio: listening for what had awoken her…There was no sound at all…Complete utter silence…And still not a sound… she has red hair, and grey eyes (reference grey skies), …he was too stiff…jeans and jacket, as well as boots…herding litter like a flock of sheep…stinking hangover

In addition, she too is Scottish, and would be appropriate using the word ‘wee’
vwinsect 16 years ago
I agree the scottish thing has pulled at me for some time. Though if Angus would wear a kilt appropriately I might fall in line with him. hehe Going to look at bios again.

So we have Jet, Angus, Carly, Lanna, and Nickie left with the mods (which don't count).

I am leaning heavily toward the scottish, but have been pulled away from that several times by very convincing arguements. I think this night will the vote for the scottish side of our group will finally be pulled from me.
Slipnish 16 years ago
...Floats by and checks out everyone's mammary glands...
Den 16 years ago
Hey you...get back to your ghostie girlies :P
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
i think it's a bit too obvious to have scottish clues at this stage of the game.

and i still think ya'll want my gum
Den 16 years ago
Clues that were good once...don't go stale :P
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
which holds true for the very long list of clues that pointed in carly's direction as well.
Den 16 years ago
The only problem with your point Nickie, is the clues given that point to Carly are so stretched, and one sided it's not funny. I'd like someone to show me ones that match, word for word, what mafia material is available.

On to check out Nickie's bio next.