With every exchange we get a crapton of new people and we always get asked the same questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions for those of you that are new to TAC Art Events.

Q: What do you mean 'art exchange'?

A: 90% of art events here at TAC are exchanges. What that means is that we will post a sign up with a particular scenario/theme, you write your bio up and wait for the sign up deadline. Once we close sign ups, the TAC moderator will PM you with a person's name. You are to create a picture for THAT PERSON.

Q: What am I suppose to make?

A: Typically a portrait/desktop and a signature (no larger than 600x300 for the sig) is what people make. You are welcomed to make any other kind of gift, just as long as you create 1 item, preferably a desktop/portrait.

Q: What's a bio?

A: A bio is the information on your character. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible unless you don't mind a general interpretation of your person being done instead.

Q: Can I turn in early?

A: Yes you can, but please DO NOT publically display your piece since this is a SECRET EXCHANGE. Please wait until the designated turn in date to show off your art piece. Email [EMAIL="tacstaff@gmail.com"]tacstaff@gmail.com[/EMAIL] or PM the Moderator your piece if you want to turn in early.

Q: What if I can't turn in on time?

A: We will kill you and throw your corpse to the dogs. I'm just kidding. Actually...no I'm not. If you sign up and create a bio, you are committing to turning in an art piece for the person you receive. If you CANNOT turn in ON TIME, please let me know before the deadline. Email [EMAIL="tacstaff@gmail.com"]tacstaff@gmail.com[/EMAIL] or PM the moderator. We will make arrangements for your person not to be empty handed, but we still expect you to finish your piece at your convenience which really is AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

Q: Is there a required number of posts to participate?

A: We do not require you to be an 'established' member. We do, however, expect you to understand that this is a commitment and failing to turn in on the specified turn in date will result in your BANNING from future events.

Q: Is this poser only?

A: Unless specified, but no. Any and all art mediums are welcomed in our exchanges. There might be some specifically themed events in the future but we will always label the events accordingly.

Q: Can I create art for my person before/during the event?

A: Of course you can! You are more than welcomed to create all sorts of art for your character. It helps give the person who gave you an idea of what you might like.


Please post any other questions you may have. Thank you!

Shadesiren 16 years ago
I have one question so far: What do you mean by "main character"? I'm very new, and I'm not sure exactly what this means.

ok, one more: Just to make sure I understand, we'll be making one image that is our OWN character that we write up, and one that is someone else's - whoever we get pm'ed - but we'll read their bio, and draw/etc them, right?

I really want to join in, but I don't wanna wait till the last minute to find out I have no clue what I'm doing lol
tamaelia 16 years ago
Maybe go look at previous exchanges so you get the jist of how it works.

You seem to have it pretty well summed up though, and 'main character' stems from the fact that most of us historically have based our arty stuffs on gaming toons that we have played in various MMO's (though not exclusively) and we thus have a 'main character' that we represent in art and literature. For example, Tamaelia is my everquest dark elf rogue. I usually base my art 'characters' on some form or variation on her biography. Hope that helps some!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Yup, what Tam said!

The only item you turn in on August 8th is the portrait for the person you are given via the PM. You can post and show off the art you create for YOUR character anytime!
Shadesiren 16 years ago
So, as to the art we're making - if we're writing TWO stories, we'll have our character as two different characters - we do portraits of each? (I thought we were taking two fairy tales and twisting them TOGETHER, so I'm worried I'll do this part wrong too lol). Or just pick one? I'm not sure if I understand how to apply the two tales to the artwork - and as this is my first project here, I so want to do it right and not disappoint anyone!
Lessa 16 years ago
if we do two stories then the person doing art for us can choose the story they like best.. thats how we did the storybook exchange as well

I was a little confused by the description as well at first, but I hadnt started yet ><
Shadesiren 16 years ago
Ok, I was feeling like I'd suddenly just gotten very stupid - why couldn't I wrap my brain around this? Two stories... how is that one picture? I get it now - if someone might let me know if my story is ok, that'd be great - I'll write a second one of some sort as soon as I can.
Lessa 16 years ago
usually roz or some of the others volunteer for CC, id be happy to though I dont know that Im as great a writer as the rest of them hehe.

I really wouldnt worry about the quality of the story.. just so long as its enough to give your exchangee an idea to inspire your piece
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Yes yes! We'll have a volunteer cc thread and if you have any questions at all, just let me know!
Shadesiren 16 years ago
well, actually, while i'd ADORE a little CC on it (I'm a writer nearly as mush as I'm an artist), what I REALLY wanted to know was if it was ok to use it - or do I have to toss it out and write TWO new ones (not just one second story).

AND - can I write another combined twisted one? Cuz I have a great idea, I think and it involved everyone's favorite word, but if I can't use it, I don't wanna waste a buncha time trying to write it.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Feel free to post whatever you already have and explore your other idea. No one is limited to anything, just keep in mind that if anyone posts more than one twisted story, the person who receives you has the right to choose one twist and is not required to do them all. =)
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
I have a question!

I'm still rather new here and I was kinda thinking of maybe taking part in the newest exchange. I have a few questions.
1. Do I need to have special permission to do so?
2. If I'm allowed to take part in it, my skill is not quite as high as most everyone else, will that matter? (Obviously given more than a few days to do something will result in better quality, but you know what I mean, I think!)

I think that's everything.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
You are more than welcomed to participate and/or invite new friends to join as well. Just please keep in mind that you must have something to turn in at the designated date. If not, I will so lose my shit. =x There are no requirements, just the understanding that failure to turn in will result in future bannings.

As far as skill level go, EVERYONE is welcomed to join, regardless of how good (or bad) you might think you are. You have 6 weeks to complete your turn in and we have people available to help with private suggestions, comments, any type of c/c or help you might need.

Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
I must have missed your reply, sorry!

Thanks so much. I am looking forward to it then!
jules 14 years ago
I think I get it. One story, character description for the artist to go by. Stories exchanged. You get mine I get yours type of thing. Only you don't know who you are getting or who is getting you. Simple enough. Question, the desktop image can be any size unless specified by the artist right? I understand the sig needs to be no bigger than 600 x 300. Should be fun. I guess I will give it a try.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
You do know who YOU are getting, you just don't know who got YOU.
jules 14 years ago
Duh! I am such a dork! Yes, I got it. Thanks.
Adiene 14 years ago
hehe /pets jules
jules 14 years ago
hehe /pets jules

Yeah, thanks, I had a brain fart!!!!! Lol!