'Urrmm, where are you?'


'Hello? Hurry?'

Another pause.

'Waiting on you...waiting on I'm waiting on you.'

Bebe S'lee stands at exactly four foot two inches. She has dark red hair tied up into pigtails and is neither cute or cuddly. Her wings, much to her mother's dismay, are dyed red with descending gauge spacers from the base of her wings up to the tip. It was extremely painful but very much worth it because 1 - her mother fainted when she saw them and 2 - the guy at the tatt shop was hot.

Bebe S'lee was currently hovering just above an orchard of apple trees, her red wings beating softly in the spring time weather. After putting her cell phone away, she began to dig into the pocket of her leather bolero jacket as her red and black stripped stocking feet dangled precariously above the tree tops. No jingle bell stocking feet for her, in fact her 16 eye doc martins were quite comfortable and properly broken in.

Finally finding what she had been looking for; she pulled out a pack of red labeled Pall Malls and tapped a cigarette out along with the matches tucked in the cellophane. She covered the end of the cigarette as she lit it, inhaling deeply as something fluttered by her.

'Those will kill you.'

Tapping out another cigarette, she exhaled with a smile, the smoke filtering into her eyes, watering them slightly. 'Really?' Bebe said, 'I did not know that.'

Bebe lit the second cigarette with the tip of hers and then handed it to her sister, SeSe who promptly snapped it from her sister's fingers and inhaled deeply.

Bebe asked, 'Did you bring it?'

Sese picked a flake of tobacco from her tongue. 'I surely did.'

'Latex or vinyl?'

'Vinyl, I don't like the powder with the latex.'


Bebe and Sese S'lee fluttered just above the tree tops of the apple orchard. Clearly not identical sisters, they had Slaugh destruction inbred and were quite happy about it. Sese hovered next to her sister, shifting the leather bag over her shoulder to her sister. Bebe smoked her cigarette as she dug through the bag. Muttering to herself, she complimented her sister.

'I like your shoes.'

'You can't wear them.' Sese tucked her legs underneath her, hiding her buckled treadz boots.

'Whatever cow,' commented Bebe. She stopped suddenly and looked up. 'You didn't bring it.'

'I brought everything.'

'Uh, no you didn't.'

'Uh, yeah, I did.'

Bebe pulled out a 1/5th of whiskey and some rags. She gave her sister an annoyed look. 'I said BYOB.'

'Yes, BYOB - bring your own booze.'

'Why would I want to drink above an apple orchard? That's what bars are for.'

'What did you mean then?'

'Bring your own BOMBS.'

Sese's face crinkled up into confusion for a moment and then clapped happily. She took a rag from her sister and ripped it, then stuffed the ripped portion into the 1/5 of whiskey. 'There, problem solved.'

Bebe again gave her sister an annoyed look. 'That is such a waste of good alcohol.' She left the items to float in the air between them as she dug back into the bag and retrieved the gloves. Her cigarette dangled from her mouth as she snapped her gloves on.

'Alright,' said Bebe, 'waiting on you.'

Sese, who was slipping on her gloves, peered at her sister through her haze of smoke. 'Waiting on you.'

Together they flew casually down to the orchard barn, watching the farmers move in and out, harvesting their wares. Sese asked her sister, 'So how is this going to look like a natural accident again?'

'Please,' Bebe scoffed, 'where's the fun in that?' She handed her sister a Molotov cocktail and took a long drag of her cigarette before spitting it out of her mouth and onto the ground below them.

Together the sisters readied their position above the orchard barn and looked at each other.

'Waiting on you.'

'Waiting on you.'

'I'll go first, don't think I won't.'

Sese gave her sister a twinkling smile as she adjusted her latex corset. It was deep green with black pinstripes and it matched her stockings and eyes.

Bebe asked right before she heaved her bottle, 'Hey, what size is that?'