Help or C/C needed? Volunteers post here!

For those that are not participating, please post here if you are willing to giving C/C. Anyone is more than welcomed to PM me for C/C since my person knows that I know hehe. I'm objective though!!!!!

Temprah 17 years ago
I would be more than happy to offer c/c! I'm best with 3D and manips, but I can try to help out with anything pixel or freehand. Just be forewarned I start gagging at cutsey so I will be *extra* critical
Lillaanya 17 years ago
I have been totally swamped for the past few weeks and missed the sign ups for this, but feel free to holler at me for any cc or help, I'd be happy to give a hand or whatever

lilredvette93 is my yahoo if ya use that
Sarah 17 years ago
I'll c/c if I'm needed! I'm not that great with 3d, fixes but I can pick out what's wrong.