Are you an RP'er? Well WTF, RP some then!

As you can see I got bit by the rp bug and did a little intro with Vex and my character who are fairy sisters in crime. Verileah stepped up and did one on her's as well - so feel free to RP your little hearts out with your fairies. I know some of ya'll are literally inclined...I think i used that word wrong hehe...but those that are, feel free to goof around with the Rp'ing!

Jetamio 16 years ago
I RP alot on EQ, and in the guild forums, but haven't had the balls to do it here yet hehe
ROzbeans 16 years ago
You should check out - that's our sister site that's a complete vampire/werewolf RP world =D

Nice plug, huh?