Assignments done - Sign Ups are closed!

We had 1 placeholder left but 39 people registered to play. I have to say that just blows my fricking mind. This is the largest turn out we've had in the past almost 4 years of TAC being open. Fucking's the fucking fairies. Everyone loves those fucking fairies!! And I'm glad ya'll do, too!

Please remember that you CAN turn in early - email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] if you will not be here on the turn in date May 4th - Friday. I will open the thread when I go to bed Thursdays evening (around midnight for you EST people) and you can turn in ALL DAY FRIDAY. No Midnight turn ins cuz I'm busy at 8pm/12amEST time hehe.

You will not be considered late if you turn in before I wake up Saturday morning or if you die. I will still have to see a doctor's note and a picture of you in your casket if you do not turn in anytime Friday. 5 weeks, people - Please use your time effectively. No one wants to be empty handed - unless of course I screwed up the list =x

Thanks everyone!