Just a post to say hi to all =)

Hi everyone. I was introduced to TAC by a long-time friend of mine, Lunna, who I played EQ and EQ2 with for the past....wow, has it been 6 years?!? She shows me her work as often as I can bug her about it and links me threads from a couple forums every now and then, so I can see some of her friends work as well (which is how I was introduced to TAC). I used to love drawing and painting but got away from it about 10 or so years ago for one reason or another. Recently, Lunna saw some of my old drawings and talked me into getting back into it. She even talked me into trying out a tablet and working on some digital stuff, but she may deny that :P.

Not too much else to tell. I live in Texas for now, just working on fixing up the house for when my wife gets back from Iraq (she is in the military). I love reading and playing MMOs (EQ2 on Najena as Samotny, played EQ on Bristlebane as Drakokorin, play a few others off and on). I hope I can contribute something to the boards; although, essentially, I am starting from scratch again so it may not be as soon as I hope...lol.

Thanks for letting me join the forums =)


This is the first real artwork I have done in years, not great but not too bad...lol. I did one last time she was deployed, but it looked very basic.

Temprah 17 years ago
Welcome to TAC! I'm looking forward to seeing some of those drawings, we always love seeing freehand art around here!!!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Welcome!!! I love the ribbon, nice to see another military spouse here =D
Eve 17 years ago
Welcome from a fellow former BB'er Can't wait to see some more from you too!
Lunna 17 years ago

Glad we finally got ya here! leased My work here is

Rikr 16 years ago
Howdy and welcome to another Texas resident! Post those drawings!!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago

okay, the sheer number of texans around here is starting to make me wonder if i missed a meeting or something....
Adiene 16 years ago
Welcome aboard! More military spouces ftw!
Sarah 16 years ago

No Fyre, this just means the first part of our Texans invade the world scheme is going according to plan.

Okay it is way too early in the morning for bad jokes before coffee.
Den 16 years ago
Hi Hi - Welcome!
Guest 16 years ago
Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes =)! I've been pretty busy lately getting a TON of work done on the house for when the wife comes home on mid-tour leave, so haven't done a whole lot else...lol. I hope to be more active when she heads back in a month or so.
Verileah 16 years ago
Ack! I missed you. Hold still...

*bites the newbie*

Welcome to TAC!
Sartori 16 years ago
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work.
DawnStar 16 years ago
Welcome, welcome! Hey, who's recruiting all these Texans???
Shaelynn 16 years ago