Do you love your geek?

This started off as a simple question that just escalated.

20:30] ROz: I ask Mike, 'Which superhero would you want to be saved by? Superman, Spiderman, Batman or...gosh, let me think...The Flash?' (he loves the flash)
[20:30] ROz: in a rather typical comic book geek snotty reply, 'You have to be more specific - which Flash?'
[20:31] Mai: LMAO!!
[20:31] Mai: That definitely wins a geek award
[20:32] ROz: 'Actually I would pick...hmm...what were the choices again?'
[20:32] ROz: /rolls eyes
[20:32] ROz: 'I gotta say...not batman...because far too many people around him have gotten killed.'
[20:32] ROz: (holds in a laugh)
[20:33] ROz: 'Uh...not...' (thinks deeply)
[20:33] Mai: That's like last friday I was at my D&D game and one of the players was out sick but he was the one with the wand of one of the other players actually called him up to ask him how many charges were left on the wand. We told her she had reached new levels of nerddom.
[20:33] ROz: 'I'd probably say Superman.'
[20:33] ROz: Why?
[20:33] ROz: 'Why?'
[20:33] ROz: Yes, why.
[20:33] Mai: LOL
[20:34] ROz: 'Pretty much it seems least...from the the cuff, he seems to be able to protect the people around him better.'
[20:34] ROz: lol
[20:34] Mai: LOL
[20:34] ROz: he's so cute hehe
[20:34] Mai: LOL, good thing he married a gamer chick
[20:35] ROz: and omg your friends are geeks too!
[20:35] Mai: we tolerate geekdom in all its forms much better
[20:35] Mai: It is cute
[20:35] ROz: he's so serious about it too
[20:35] ROz: i gotta cut/paste this lol
[20:36] Mai: definitely, the star trek fans can be almost scary sometimes O_O
[20:36] Mai: obsess much?!?
[20:36] ROz: oh yeah lol

Who would you choose to say your life? Superman, Batman, Spiderman or The Flash (Barry, Wally, whoever)

ROzbeans 17 years ago
[20:38] ROzBeans: (same question)
[20:39] Saraquael: hmm...
[20:40] Saraquael: what's with the sausage fest? no women saviors? lol
[20:40] ROzBeans: HAHAHA
Lessa 17 years ago
hmm. yeah no catwoman or wonderwoman.. I call bias for men in skintight spandex clothing and/or who wear briefs on the outside!
Mai 17 years ago
Well that was my first thought also but I figured ROz narrowed it down to the men because otherwise the answer would then be obvious. Uhm, lemme think a second...the chick. Case closed.
Vebran 17 years ago
Wonderwoman?!? Bwahahaha. Amazon after amazon have died.
Catwoman?1? No really a hero, and bwahahahahahahahaha, she gets her ass handed to her all the time.
Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix? Sure she has helped save the universe a few times, but um, she's dead......again.

Gotta give me some other choices out there.
Lessa 17 years ago
are you saying superman never died?
Sartori 17 years ago
Well, if I had to be saved, my first choice would be Wonder Woman. Just, you know, for the bragging rights.
joannastar 17 years ago
Superman (what's the html for high pitched Lois Lane voice?) because I loved the New Adventures of Superman on TV when I was younger...
Eve 17 years ago
If I said anyone other than Batman, my husband would hurt me *sage nod* He always says Batman is the thinking man's hero, simply because he has no real powers, just has cool toys
Sarah 17 years ago
I'd say Batman, because who doesn't want to be saved by the hunky high-powered millionaire superhero?
Vulash 17 years ago
Frodo Baggins
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I think Batman would be cool - he's all dark, angsty and shit. Superman would be hot, cuz you know the outfit is snug in all the right places - however his muscles are intimidating as are his super-sperm, I would imagine. The Flash? All I can see is him giving me whiplash - and about minute man? Spiderman? I don't like Toby Maguire so I've been ruined on him.

Gonna have to go with...Green Arrow - cuz he's hot and mean and not always the good guy and ... hot.
Jetamio 17 years ago
Superman cos he can fly! *likes flying*
Onimi 17 years ago
i want to fly
Four Winds 17 years ago
I'd rather be saved by Captain Marvel (I love that big cheesecake), or Power Girl.
Saraquael 17 years ago
Big Barda
Slovman 17 years ago
Jade, She-Hulk, or Power Girl.

Or any Green Lantern other than Hal Jordan or John Stewart.
Verity 17 years ago
Hiro Nakamura
Nards 17 years ago
Jessica Alba.
Temprah 17 years ago
GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear lord that husky Cajun accent.... long auburn hair in his dark eyes.... tight, muscled (but not overly so) body.... bad boy who can be reformed.... *swoon* He can steal my heart (or anything else he wants) anytime.
Xandare 17 years ago