Sci-Fi: ROBOT BLUE-9 SAVES ANIMAL FROM THE FLOODWATERS has a daily sketch group, and this is the topic of the day. I did this in 35 minutes with PS, and I really like it --especially the cat! Speed painting is such a great way to sharpen skills, it's as simple as blocking out silhouettes then adding lighting in a couple of complimentary colors -- voila!

We really should invade ConceptArt! While StudioMMO is so estrogen-laced that I get contact-pregnancy, ConceptArt is just the opposite with gritty cybermonsters with blazing guns the default image. We can invade with some gentle images that will freak out the 13-year-old boys, or invade with some TAC thongy push-up-bra vampire-type stuff that will freak out the 13-year-old boys.

((All previous statements are me under the influence of too much energy drink. I may regret some of these words later))

Den 16 years ago
lol -- yea, freaking out 13 year old boys is always fun!

I like the pic...I wish I could draw more like that, as a change of pace, but never seem to leave anything I do alone long enough for it to retain that conceptual feel. I'm a bit of a detail freak, I guess. But I do enjoy seeing it

Cute kitty!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
KITTY! I always say that when I see a cute picture of a cat, don't know why. Conceptart is fierce from what I've seen, but I know Verileah does the word of the day over there as well. seems to be where all the freehanders go after they leave smmo, but I'm not sure poser would be too welcomed there, well maybe heavy mixed media poser. They don't sugar coat shit over there, which is cool.

While StudioMMO is so estrogen-laced that I get contact-pregnancy, ConceptArt is just the opposite with gritty cybermonsters with blazing guns the default image

OH yeah, that'll come back on you
Wystro 16 years ago
You be you, Shay! I've seen too many people follow the Official Board Style of whatever the board is - an army of cookie-cutter images that give me zero inspiration. I would suggest that even if you don't post them, even if you just trash the file, that you do some twenty or thirty-minute exercises in rendering simply to sharpen decision-making skills with composition.

That said, it is by far better to be you than to be like everyone else!

*puts Shay in a mason jar to preserve her Shay-ness*
Verileah 16 years ago
Er...I do? :X

*grins* naw, I do go over there every so often and walk away with a very full brain . What I do is a weekly thing called Illustration Friday (and I haven't done so for a while :X).

It's cool over there and in spite of being very tough crits they actually don't seem to mind newbs. If some other folks I knew were there I might be more inclined to participate :X. Seems like it's mostly pencils/digital painting over there though...not sure if I would fit in :X.
Verileah 16 years ago
And yes, I wrap myself in latex before going to smmo! I dun want to get knocked up O_O.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Oh oops, sorry billie hehe. I knew you did some sort of challenge over there at least =x I'm all for pushing out over to and supporting who is over there though.

Feel free to post links to those specific threads and share!
Rae 16 years ago
Contact pregnancy?! Is that like drinking the water? They tell you not to do that you know. Actually I have not been over there since the name change, so if there are any new dangers I wouldn't know about them.

I like the piece. The cat is cute and very well behaved. If it were Mai's cat, the robot would probably decide a bath would do him good. My favorite part though is the shadow of the feet which adds depth to the water. That is one of those details I would have forgotten until hours into working on it and then wondering what was missing. I can see how speed painting could get you into the habit of thinking about which details are important.

Edit: You should create a speed paint/render thread here. It could be fun.
Four Winds 16 years ago
Very sweet robot, been a while since I saw a riveting hunk of gleaming metal and a spiffy set of gears. Very nicely done
Eve 16 years ago
That's just too cute hon!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
contact pregnancy and freaking out 13 yo boys... i'll still be chuckling over that later this evening.

this is a neat composition, wystro. very much what i'm coming to associate as your style, but still very fresh and different. and that kitty is just too cutesy-wootsey!!!

did i just say that???
Mai 16 years ago
Nice shading and colour choices, Wystro. The robot looks awesome and the cat really is cute. I love how he seems to be looking up at the robot with complete trust.

Rae, I'm sure Malley would love to let you bathe him. I'll just stand back and watch.
Verileah 16 years ago
oooh, now that I'm not at work anymore I can see the picture . Very nice work, I like the water!