New Prints!

Finished up these three prints last week.

They are 5x7 Watercolors on HotPress Paper.

Whatever! Kitty. Scarves are <3

My favorite, Fairy winged Fox under paper lanterns.

Full moon, stars, and a winged wolfy!

I have about 15 more in the works - really! - and they will all be done in the next 10 days for my convention. Or, they will be done a week or two after that for the next convention! ^-^

Wystro 17 years ago
Super-cute! I love those watercolor textures. You seem to have a real handle on the medium
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Cute! Your water color technique does look it's progressed a lot! You have a better control over it now and you can tell. And you said your stuff wasn't tac worthy - that is friggin cute and the cuteness is always welcomed!!!
Starry 17 years ago
Thanks! <3

Yes, its a slow learning process for me but I think its starting to get somewhere. Its not quite so omg-now-what as it was when I started.