SPR03: Female: Haute Couture

In 30 minutes show us your custom fashion! Let's see if we have any Diors, Armanis, Chanels, etc. here

Wystro 17 years ago
gah!!! Curse you for making me go out of my comfort zone! She looks like a military prostitute!

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ellis would so buy that. I'm gonna try this one too!
Lunna 17 years ago
Ran out of time on this one to finish it the way I'd have liked. Her left arm is a manly arm! Tried to elongate the figure like a fashion designer would.

Wystro 17 years ago
Sweet dress!
Lunna 17 years ago
I watch too much Project Runway *hides* The 2nd season winner did these little baby doll tea party style dresses that I just loved. So cute!
Den 17 years ago
Gah - 18 minutes, but no model :P If I'd taken the time to draw a model it would have pushed me way over the 30.

Sarah 17 years ago
Sketching is really a foreign thing for me, but I decided this was just what I need to learn how to do it much more properly with out spending hours fussing with it and "fixing it."

22 minutes wacom and PSE4

Den 17 years ago
Sketching on a wacom is foreign to me too, and knowing the problems I have with it, I think you did really well Sarah! I mean, I know what goes into it, and how my pictures don't come out anywhere as nice as that.

I have found once I draw something, I can alter it much easier with the tablet though, and hope that by continuing to do that, I'll eventually grasp the whole sketching process.
Sarah 17 years ago
Thanks Shay! Though it's not the Wacom sketching that I'm unfamiliar with it is sketching in general. While I do it often, it is more often than not rough, childish looking and not anything like the picture in my head. It is one of the reasons I stick to dolls since I can make them look exactly like the picture in my head with out laying the ground work.
Verileah 17 years ago
This one scared me :X. I'm scared of clothes, I like naked people!

I'm discovering, though, that I get some of my most spontaneous, natural stuff onto the artboard in the first 20 minutes or so. My hands start shaking around that time which is why I mostly use the pen tool, but there's not enough time to fool with a bunch of anchorpoints so I'm mostly using the tablet. It's different .

Saraquael 17 years ago
Not quite modern...

Asha 17 years ago
I had a lot of trouble trying to get the image out of my head and on the the screen. 35 minutes.

Calimaryn 17 years ago
Gah! Bodies take me forever. Ah well, I may have gone 5 or 10 min over, I forgot to check my time when I started. Sorry!


(Note: I did find a free stock pose photo and outlined the body to get my shape. Hope thats not against the rules!)

Edit: Added link in case photobucket messes up!