Lots and lots of sketches. Weee!

Convention in two weeks, and these are all in various stages of wet as they are being painted in watercolors.

Will post finished peices as they get finished! =D


A litte fairy dragon on a cherry-blossomed branch.

Frog Prince! With crown and key-to-your heart!

A little MerCat dozing in the sunshine.

A fairy cat on a beautiful flower.

A winged unicorn! ^_^


Angel winged tiger on a cloud.

Priest of Bastet.

Chibi Dragon, cloud stripe behind. Partner to Unicorn-Cloud.

Chibi Unicorn, cloud stripe behind. Partner to Dragon-cloud.

A siamese fairy-winged kitty!

Griffon! ^-^

Panda with a bamboo sprout.

Fan Art of Lulu + Moogle. Kupo!


Fan art of the Marauders from Harry Potter!

Mercat ^-^

White Stag + Moon! ^-^

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Aww, I love that angel winged tiger and the unicorn is awesome. Very cute, starry!
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
oh-di-lally - you have been busy!!! great work! good luck at the convention!
Starry 17 years ago
Thanks guys! Yeah, Im gonna be *covered* in paint over the next week and a half. Luckily, for me anyway, with watercolors is pretty easy to focus on one painting, get everything on it you can - then put it aside to dry while you paint on another.

I say that when Ive only done 2 or 3 small paintings, I might just go crazy trying to do all of these!
Wystro 17 years ago
Sweet, prolific, *and* consistent! And I love that tiger! *hugs the tiger*
Sarah 17 years ago

They deserve several squees.

These are so cute, and very well done Starry! I can't wait to see them painted!


ZOMG *squee* Harry Potter cuteness!
Viriu 17 years ago
I am really loving these Starry.

Wonder if you take requests? erm...../toes the ground....
erm, I'll PM ya.....
Starry 17 years ago
Thanks guys!

Wystro: Wooo! Consistent! Thats such a silly word to get giddy over - but Ive never been able to string two things together and have them look like the same person drew em!

Sarah: Harry Potter is our theme this year! Im making a ton of HarryPotter themed clay jewelry, too! ^-^

Viriu! <3 Yes I do! Im a tad backlogged till all this is done, but Im always happy to take commissions ^-^